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Frozen In Ship Lobby


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After 2 or so minutes after every mission, I no longer have control over character movement in the player ship.


While I'm in this state the game forces the in game mouse cursor to permanently show up, and I can't open any menus, walk, interact with objects, click on anything or move. Pressing ESC doesn't bring up a menu, and even if I'm next to the ship terminal I don't get a prompt to press E to open up the galaxy map.


The only things I can do in this state is look around and chat. The game isn't freezing up or disconnecting me since I can still afk for more than 5 minutes with all the ship's features still moving.


Clicking the top left menu icon doesn't work. Cycling through the chat client doesn't work. I've also tried spamming ESC, ctrl, alt, and other various buttons to no avail. Not even alt+tabbing in and out fixes it. The only thing that consistently works is restarting the game and I don't want to do that every 2 minutes.


This seems to happen when I use squad/clan chat, but I can't be too sure. Anyone else having this issue or better yet a fix?

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I've narrowed down the cause of the problem.


The issue is there are two chat clients. One that is transparent when you're walking around, and another that is opaque when you press esc or try to invite someone by rightclicking->invite


When you invite people to your party and rightclick their name on the sidebar from the ship lobby, you get stuck in the 2nd opaque chat client and you are no longer able to move. This also seems to happen when you switch between squad/clan chat.


This glitch happens on both the Steam and standalone client.


You can circumvent this glitch by sitting down at the star map and selecting your mission and inviting people while in the map. However, this means that you can't change your loadout since changing your loadout now requires you to physically move to the arsenal.


Also, if you invite people while in the map, pressing "enter" will send invites to someone. This is getting ridiculous.


If DE cares at all, read this and fix it. You're 7 hotfixes in and this is definitely something worthy of your attention.

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