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~Selling Maxed Heavy Caliber And Various Other Mods~

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Good Day Fellow Tenno


I mainly would like to sell this maxed out 10/10 Heavy Caliber corrupted mod for 350 platinum, deals are open for negotiation if applicable. (For reference it cost 2 million credits and over 1100+ fusion cores to max out.)


I also have various stances for sale such as;

Gnashing Payara

Iron Pheonix

Cleaving Whirlwind



I also am selling the Cicero Crises mod set, the Four Toxic+Status chance mods maxed out up for your offer.


We have various other mods and gear for sale, if you are interested feel free to contact us or comment below here or in game.


I do hope we can come to an agreement.

Have a good day~

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