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The Itf (International Tenno Federation)


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Hey guys,

My main suggestion today is that we get a special ship bigger than any hubs (if they come) available.

This place will be used as a main Tenno outpost where we can go to recreate, find new stuff but most of all interact with lots of different players and NPCs. You can have different sectors each with a purpose and types of characters working there.


The ship could be divided into sectors so of course it is not as server heavy, laggy for players and this way the tile sets can be huge and really push the boundaries and immersion of this game. In fact this way you can add a dynamic mission system where certain NPCs could relay information about enemy cargo or if they require your help to do something.


I understand this is pushing the lore and mechanics of the game but heck I would love to see "Tenno" soldiers, similarly to the way Halo did it with the Spartans being us and the rest of the soldiers being your usual guy.











I honestly don't even expect this to happen but it would be so BADA**! :D


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