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Question About Kubrow Eggs



so i was reading the wiki and it said i should use my kubrow egg in the incubator before farming for more.



fine...its in the incubator and is now cooking.....1 day and 12 hours



went back to everest and got another egg some hours later and i do not see it in my inventory now....not sure if the hotfix did this or not



can someone confirm that i am only allowed one kubrow egg. PERIOD. until it finishes incubating or is it possible to have one in the oven and one in the inventory?

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It's fine. You have that egg if you read it as being picked up as a resource. You won't find it in any inventory screen. I've checked them all.


I have one incubating, the only egg I've found. It'll be done in about 20 hours or something. While that was incubating, I was able to pick up another egg. However, attempting to pick up another egg at that point results in a specific message below your resource list that says you are unable to hold a second one.


So, don't worry. Wait for your first one to finish incubating and you'll be able to use that next egg as soon as you're able to. Provided you put the baby into stasis. o3o

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