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Hall Of Mirrors Clones Persisting, Causing Huge Lag.


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All those blue dots? Clones of all the other Mirages that were using their Hall of Mirrors throughout the mission.


I was in Sedna - Kappa and was host. For a little while it was okay, but eventually my fps began to lower drastically, until it got to about.. 2 frames a second.


What's worse, is that the timer lagged with me, and so 2 minutes became 5. Eventually I crashed completely (Oddly enough, I tried to submit this through the crash report and it wouldn't connect).


Anyone else have this problem?


Also, I'm unsure if this should be indeed in Warframses & Abilities, or somewhere in the bug section. If I chose wrong, then please move it to wherever it's best. Thanks in advance.

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I heard it from some other people while playing Mirage. Sometimes there are only like 3 packs of my clones standing around and sometimes i basically build up an entire army of clones.  

i couldn't see them, but all my mates could. 

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your PC's set-up is? my W7 64x I7 cpu GTX 780 32 GB ram have no problem on 4 player with full time Hall of Mirrors

FPS is around 190-500


low fps also make's client lag


It's not "full time" hall of mirrors. It's Hall of Mirrors clones staying persistant even when they should've disappeared.


Example: Someone on my team uses Hall of Mirrors. Their timer depletes normally...but when the timer depletes, the clones simply freeze in time and stay in the level. That person uses Hall of Mirrors again, and creates Another Set of clones...who also freeze in place when they should have disappeared too.


Now multiply that by 3 other players doing Hall of Mirrors almost constantly throughout a Mobile Defense mission. that's what you see on my minimap in my first post. So yeah, a stronger rig might handle it better, but it's still a huge and glaring glitch; and even the strongest rig will probably start taking huge hits FPS-wise and Warframe will inevitably crash like it did for me.


I want to also add, that these persistent clones seem to happen only to me - the host -  and no one else on the team.

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