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  1. I've enjoyed quite alot of 2020's updates and additions; Deimos being the pinnacle. They really tried to make it as different as possible from the other open worlds, and it shows. Love the lore behind it and its inhabitants too, and the necramechs are a new, powerful way of playing the game.
  2. Not gonna lie I'm going to miss tuning in every other week to enjoy my favorite developers and their antics. I've done so every single devstream over the course of almost a decade (unless life stops me. Work, etc). All I ask is that these devstreams don't become overly scripted corporate nonsense. I want personality with my sneak peeks and information. I don't want brain dead robots or an overabundance of premade videos.
  3. Again, I feel like you're trying to compare apples and oranges here. And the new player experience in warframe is actually very interesting. The problem lies in the fact that it can be complicated for the uninitiated. There are many, many things a new player can do and learn. And the Hydron problem - once again - shouldn't be fixed by segregating players by level. That would be like buying a whole new car when only a windshield needs to be replaced. As for quests, there are actually quite a few quests in Warframe, but they're used differently. Instead of exp, you get story progression and
  4. Sorry but I just don't see how Genshin's progression system would work in Warframe, and yes I play Genshin. AR 42 as of right now. Warframe's progression involves going from planet to planet, with each planet having a set level range and, at later planets, also includes new, more powerful enemy archetypes. This works for Warframe because it's almost purely a "dungeon crawler" game. Even in the open world areas, levels revolve around which missions you choose in their hub towns. Typically the higher the level, the better the rewards and the better the experience. This is probably the only
  5. No warframe is irrelevant. They can all go through every form of content in this game and, depending on your personal playstyle, have a lot of fun doing it. The only bits of content that you may want a specific warframe is spy missions. The real question would be whether or not Valkyr has a similar playstyle that she used to have when you were here a year ago. To THAT question, yes. She's still a berserker-type warframe that can still dish out huge amounts of melee damage and has some of the best survivability in the game. With the change to how switching between gun and melee (forgot how
  6. The crotch area seems to be weighted wrong. It scrunches weirdly and sometimes clips within itself. Video demonstrating a few of the stances that show this: If you're having trouble seeing exactly what's happening, go full screen. Also I just uploaded it so youtube is still processing and thus it may be a little blurry for a bit. (Other than that, absolutely loving the new skin. Very well done especially in Deferred Rendering)
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