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  1. Nope. You didn't read it. Wanna know why I know you didn't read it? Because you're stating things I've already given answers to multiple times. And quite frankly? I'm tired of dealing with someone who's too thick headed to read. And if you actually DID read it? Then you're the one who "dont understand it". Continue dying on your hill.
  2. It's like you didn't even read. It's not hard to grind forma. At all. Forma is from either bronze or silver tier in relics. If you're an endgame player, you should have a stockpile of relics by now and even if you don't, they're all easy to farm themselves. You can trade stuff for plat easily. Here's a protip - you know those Ayatan sculptures you've been ignoring? Socket them and sell them. Very, very easy plat. I haven't put actual cash in the game for months, yet I'm sitting on about 1k plat just from randomly selling sculptures and prime parts every once in awhile. If I remember correctly, you can get forma from Nightwave as well. It seems DE actually did a bad thing when they released Plaguestar and allowed players to get forma so easily. You got spoiled rotten to the point that an incredibly easy to farm endgame resource is supposedly "hard to grind" now. Oh, and also I like how suddenly you're going "OH BUT THE NEW PLAYERS!" when you SPECIFICALLY were talking about the late game. It's even in your freakin' title! New players can farm relics just as well as old players, and can easily get forma that way if they need it....which they generally won't if they're new and still doing the starchart. Seriously dude, forma is not hard to come by. Find another hill to die on.
  3. A: I did point out that grinding progenitors for a specific weapon can be tedious. B: You asked everyone's thoughts about DE respecting the player's time in general. Just because you have no defense towards what I've pointed out doesn't suddenly mean none of it matters. C: Forma drops like candy. I have a huge stock of it purely from doing anything relic related. It's also extremely cheap in the market. If by some crazy reason you can't get enough of it from farming relics, you can sell the relics you did get and buy them from there. Also, the kuva/tenet weapons don't need to be fully maxed out to have the best builds. You don't even need to max them out to get max rank. I've already perfected the builds of multiple of this update's kuva/tenet weapons and I don't even play that much. This all just sounds like getting angry about grind in a game about grinding.
  4. Rreeeeally? One series of optional sidequests for an optional warframe that you can instead just buy with plat by trading prime parts is forcing k-drive? The series of quests takes at MOST an hour. That too much time for you? Reeeeeeeeeeeeally? Anyways, on topic: Everything so far from the latest update hasn't been hard at all for me to obtain as an endgame player (MR30). Yes, having to redo missions to get the lich/sister to spawn with the weapon you want can get tedious, but right after you do get it, the recent lich/sister changes has made it much faster to farm them. Even adding the Railjack mission at the end hasn't extended it that much. Not to mention, the oull word is very, very helpful to make this even faster. Being able to force a lich/sister fight is also very useful. I've gotten one weapon a day, and that's been only playing for a small handful of hours here and there. Got all the tenet sister weapons without even hardcore-ing the game. With how powerful they are, I'm actually worried they're TOO easy to get. Tenet melee weapons aren't as hard as the community said it was to get either. Yeah the holograph drops could do with a rework - maybe randomize the amount you get so you at least obtain some with each run. But it didn't take long for me and a friend of mine to get enough for a weapon. Galvanized mods, Arcanes, and the primary/secondary arcane adapters are also not that hard to get (again, as an endgame player, seeing as these are endgame items, that should go without saying). Steel Essence is very easy to get now. Just do your dailies. While doing the dailies, wait for acolytes to spawn. Bam - arcanes. Not getting the arcane you want? Trade the ones you don't want for the ones you do. Arbitrations aren't that bad either. Go public, use your clan, have friends, or go it alone with a tanky frame. Keep in mind Galvanized mods are supposed to be the strongest stuff around for primary/secondaries, so they are going to require at least some effort in getting them. Still didn't take me long to get. I have all of them already, with very, very little time commitment and only a handful of arbitrations. So yes, I feel with this update, DE does respect my time and effort. I've gotten everything I wanted so far, and know exactly how to get everything else.
  5. Sorry for the double post but wanted to bump this. I may have found a solution. It seems if you have a warframe ability activated when you're trying to kill a Sister, the prompt fails. I fought my Sister 3 times. First time was with Protea, and I had Temporal Anchor on when she was downed. Second time was with Valkyr and I had Hysteria on. Both times the prompt failed. Third time was Valkyr again (My god rank 5 sisters are stupidly tanky) and I waited for Hysteria to end. In fact I made sure I had no ability buffs on at all before I tried the prompt. It worked. Obviously this still needs fixing, but for now that workaround worked for me. Make sure you have no abilities going on before you hit that prompt.
  6. Yep, this just happened to me. Was a little too angry to take a pic but I had the exact problem. Very enraging to have such a long and aggravating fight end without a reward thanks to a glitch.
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