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  1. Ah here we go. You're not listening to anyone, are you. DE didn't give people who blindly bought this mod the middle finger. DE didn't force anyone to waste that much money on a single mod. What DE DID do, was TELL US that this mod would NOT be exclusive. I was there. I listened. I saw. I understood, and I altered my expectations. This is why I, as a veteran who did that event, am not at all angry. How many times must this be said before you figure this out? Your pain and anguish is NOT DE's fault. It was yours, and yours alone if you were one of these people that spent that much money on a freakin' NON EXCLUSIVE mod. Hell, even if it WAS exclusive...for real? 100-400k plat? Do you know just how much freakin' real world cash that is? If you truly spent that much in a f2p game over an item that wasn't great even at its release, then... 1: Wow. Just....wow. Someone needs to take your credit card away. 2: Get some help. For real. Go get some counseling. Like, I'm legit worried for you and your finances. 3: Say it with me. You. Were. Warned. Multiple times, even. Nothing to see here folks. Just another person crying over milk they had spilled on themselves. I won't be answering you again. I agree actually. It's pretty much worthless now, and only slightly useful when it was released. All it is, is a collector's item. I very happily sold mine.
  2. Excal Prime and Lato Prime are exclusives. They are contractually obligated to never re-release them. What exactly is your argument here? They complied the second they told us it wasn't going to be exclusive. Are you mad they didn't immediately make it available again? Is that it? Like for real, your argument doesn't make any sense other than "I'm mad because reasons."
  3. This wasn't a "surprise". In 2013 when this mod first came out, they specifically stated it wasn't going to be exclusive. Throughout all these years, they stated event items will not be exclusive. We have been warned multiple times about this. It's not their fault you did not heed these warnings. In fact, the post you originally quoted from me has a picture in it showing a post made in 2013 that stated EXACTLY that warning. This was not a surprise. This was not a change. It was going to happen. We. Were. Warned. Edit, in fact, here's the picture. Yet again. For the third time. Note the date. We were warned. Please stop complaining about being "surprised" by this.
  4. Not even sure what you're trying to say here. I mean, they "promised" Primed Chamber was going to come back. And that "promise" was fulfilled. So....what's there to laugh at? I was right. Lol.
  5. Granted, DE has stated multiple times that the mod was not exclusive. They stated it way back in 2013 when it was first released, and have stated throughout the course of these many years that event items will not be exclusive either. Many event items have shown up in many other parts of the game; many of them in Baro's hands. It was just a matter of time before Primed Chamber did too. Here, I'll repost this again. Note the date: People who threw thousands of dollars at it ignored every single warning for a mod that's usefulness is negligible in the majority of weapons and only viable in a weapon that has been obsolete for years now. Can't really fault people laughing at them as they complain about it. Personally, I'm not, but I can understand the comedy behind it. Anyways, that's it for me. Those who got the mod: Enjoy. Those who got it and sold it: Enjoy your plat. Those who are complaining about it not being exclusive anymore when it was never going to be exclusive: You were warned.
  6. Only worth it if you're reselling imo, but if someone can make a build out of it and enjoy it, more power to em.
  7. Totally possible. Even then however, with our current mod pool (not even including rivens) you'll still be able to mod it pretty damn well without primed chamber. 99% of this playerbase has gone without primed chamber. Youtubers, redditers, wikipedia-ers, minmaxers, and so on. We can continue to do so. But if you want to get it, go for it. I'm happy to see it's finally in the rotation. I personally don't need it, but it's nice to see nonetheless and I'm happy others who wanted it can get it now.
  8. Eh, there are multiple (assumed) reasons for it. 1. They anticipated people would try to hoard them and resell them like everyone does with all the other Primed mods, thus make it cost a lot so they can't get filthy rich. Heck it's what I did. Bought it and immediately sold it. Fastest and easiest plat ever, and it didn't cost me a single real world dime. 2. They factored in the community-made desire for it. It's one of if not the rarest mod in the game even if it's not (currently) good, which means that "desire" factor is insanely high and the price needed to match that. 3. Ducat sink. Many of us vets have coffers full of ducats and this would help in whittling that down a bit. There's always a deeper reason behind things. Devs don't just do stuff for no reason.
  9. Pretty much. However you best believe people would be crying even harder if the price was on par with other Baro mods.
  10. Page 18, my post explains it. Everyone was warned years ago, and thus they only have themselves to blame.
  11. I'm positive by now someone else has stated this, but DE has said many, many, many times that event items were never going to be exclusive, and that includes Primed Chamber. I was here when the mod was first released and even THEN, they stated that at some point it would come back. The absolute, only things that will forever be exclusive is Excal Prime and Lato Prime (And anything else that came in that pack, can't remember off the top of my head). They even posted this on Twitter just to remind you all. Note the date: July 19, 2013 All that said (And again, I'm sure someone else stated this part already too), Primed Chamber's usefulness is negligible at best, especially currently. Its best suited for Vectis, which is nowhere near the best sniper rifle even with primed chamber equipped. You're much, much better off using a riven anyway (or a better sniper rifle). I bought it and instantly sold it. That's really all it's useful for at this point in time unless you're a collector or you for some reason REALLY love Vectis (In which case, you're better off looking for a riven).
  12. Archwing is extremely responsive now - I'm not sure what you're talking about there. I personally did prefer the old system for its realism (and able to do some really cool tricks in the air), but I'm not jaded enough to say the current version is bad, because it has quite a few good points too. Strafing around targets and quick maneuverability is nice. Wish there was a toggle to go from the new system to the old, though. Yeah perhaps that could be why. Maybe it's not as "responsive" on the PS4/controller? At the end of the day though, blame everyone who hated the realism of the old system. They changed it to this new, "Arcade-y" one specifically because of the fact that people constantly cried about how Archwing was "not fun" due to inertia and how general movement worked. This is the result.
  13. All I would like is the ability to decorate it a bit more. Pretty sure we'll get that ability eventually, but yeah.
  14. You can also tell by the tooltip that pops up when you hover over the avionics in question. It shows the manufacturer's (the House's) symbol and its name.
  15. Yeah that's an understandable worry. We're just gonna have to trust the devs know best. If enough of the playerbase wants that changed back I wouldn't be surprised if they do it anyway. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but I disagree. We have a literal army of warframes right now all with different distinctions and characteristics. The devs were bound to find a particular premise for a warframe someone thinks is a "joke". Frankly, a mutated, gluttonous entity that can devour whole armies of people isn't a joke to me. If Grendel's a joke, Mirage, Octavia, and many more warframes with quirky abilities are "jokes" too.
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