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  1. I really don't get this mentality. It's a fun little thing to celebrate a fun little holiday. If you don't like it, don't wear it. If someone else is wearing it and you're triggered to the point of rage, just leave quietly. There's no need to spread your negativity. (Note that I'm talking about the person in the OP's statement, not the OP themselves. I read the post!)
  2. I'd much rather not have to stay glued to my phone or keep an Alert Tracker site up 24/7 to hope I get the chance at obtaining a potato or Nitain and so on. I would also rather not have to come home from work or being social only to realize I missed a potato alert as well. You still want that RNG option for most of these items? Invasions still do them, and they're a lot more lenient as they tend to stay longer than alerts (and are more fun/varied imo) Now, those of us with lives can directly grind toward these goals without having to worry about time gated RNG. Is the system perfect? Well in my opinion I don't see many flaws, but anything can be improved. Just because there may be flaws in something doesn't mean it should be completely abolished. It can be worked on. Remember - this is the first iteration of this system (and quite frankly, it's the best "Battle Pass" like system in any current video game as of right now, and it's free. Just take a look at what Rift, Apex Legends, and even Fortnite has to deal with. They have to PAY for half of what we get for free.) Which comes to my next point The real thing that drives me into confusion, are the people that want Nightwave to straight up be removed. Really? You personally don't like the content, so that means everyone should not be able to do it? We have some selfish people in this community.
  3. You're complaining about missing content because you weren't here to do it. Really?
  4. I personally thought it was an awesome revelation. I had been curious for quite some time as to why they all had similar torsos. It was obvious from the start they were humans, but the question of "Did their very heads get repossessed or something?" was finally answered for me. I dunno. It seems like whenever something that most people consider "odd" or "grotesque" or "disturbing" pops up, I'm fine with it as long as it's explained and connected to the lore. Even if it's disturbing to me, I'm perfectly happy with it being in existence because it's not my story and I don't have a right to force my desires on others. Guess I'm just weird. The thing is, it's explicitly stated that they're revealing themselves to you out of respect and trust. It's a huge deal in their society and culture. That fact alone makes me happy to see them every time they pop up on my screen. That all said, I do agree to have some form of toggle. Maybe give every npc there an extra option to close themselves. That way youtubers won't accidentally spoil it for everyone else. Of course, it's a bit too late for that now, so *shrugs*
  5. Yeah I also heard that meter may be broken on stage 2. It's supposedly best to ignore it and simply focus on throwing those canisters.
  6. That's good to know. I've noticed other people saying kinda similar things. Next time I fight her I'll just focus on that.
  7. All I know is, I fought Exploiter completely blind. Didn't look up vids, didn't read any forums. I was able to figure out what to do and when to do it simply from remembering how things work from the first part of the event and following the npc's instructions. My only main problem was keeping the Raknoids at bay. Other than that - mechanics-wise, it took only a little more brain power - which is good because the majority of the bosses in this game require far less. I won't apologize for enjoying a boss that doesn't completely hold my hand and needs more than just dpsing to kill.
  8. I already straight up explained why it is. I won't repeat myself. We'll just agree to disagree as I don't have time for some asinine argument.
  9. I agree with that. I lucked out and only had her graze the mountain when I soloed it. I still got a taste of what you're saying though, as it was hard to shoot down the raknoids that hid just behind some of the rocky outcroppings where she was situated at. Either she needs to be more aggressive, or only have a very specific zone for which she can walk around in.
  10. I feel the main reward is Hildryn. You do also get those new toroids for a huge amount of standing. And the other rewards found are some of the rarer components in Fortuna. Granted, if you've already obtained all of that and don't need the materials, then yes it's probably not worth as much to you as it would others.
  11. Pick up the coolant the raknoids drop on the ground and put them in the fissures. The whole first phase of this event is basically a tutorial on what these coolants do and how to use them. This is actually why I really enjoyed this boss. Everything (for the most part) is explained, but it doesn't hold your hand either. First phase of the fight, Exploiter orb is constantly talking about her children helping her. Kill those little urchins. Exploiter constantly talks about how cold she needs to be. Heat her up. The npcs eventually chime in telling you how to do it and where to do it, but you have to find the thermia canisters yourself as well as the vents on the Exploiter. They "shine" slightly, but not blatantly highlighted. Second phase is similar. You're told, but your hand isn't held. It's not at all perfect, but I do hope to see more bosses similar to this one. Second phase of the fight is basically what we've been doing to get that thermia.
  12. Just soloed it blind. It works like many other games that have bosses with mechanics to them. Once you learn them, it's not too hard. Pretty fun actually. That said, my main problem was the raknoids. I went with Inaros for the tankiness so I had very, very little CC or aoe ability for enemies that can spawn anywhere in a large radius. My initial thought was to go Octavia for exactly this reason, but she's far too squishy for this one. I'm personally not a Rhino fan so he's not really an option for me. This was perhaps one of the cooler made bosses in the game. There's a mix of everything in this one, and I wouldn't mind playing her again...but maybe in a group, as it took a bit too long solo. If I can find a way to CC or destroy the raknoids while also being tanky enough to handle incoming damage, I'm certain it'd be even more enjoyable to fight.
  13. Don't feel like breaking all this apart so I'll just number my answers. 1. RNG is used to elongate time spent on the game. Thus, RNG is directly tied to time and, due to the nature of RNG, patience. 2. That's a really negative outlook. Not every developer simply wants your money. In fact, most developers want to make a good, fun game. If you read anything on the history of Digital Extremes and how immensely devoted they are to their game, you'd think differently - at least about them. 3. Well there's your problem. 4. Completing the star chart does a number of things for you. For one, it gives you knowledge of how all factions work and opens every node. It also unlocks other systems in the game and furthers Warframe's story. As stated, I didn't know where you were in your warframe journey. So I always suggest to any new player that may be struggling to focus on completing the star chart. Also I do remember it giving you quite a few important mods. 5. So you already have all the tools at your disposal, but blatantly choose to give them out for free and throw the rest away? Instead of complaining on the forums about your bad luck, you could be trading for these mods. And here I thought you were a new-ish maybe midlevel player that's looking at players who have played longer and their success. 6. Actually, no. If you can get to sortie tier, then you're good to go for all content that the game is balanced around. From reading your posts so far, it really just seems like you're making excuses because of your current bad luck. You want to feel bad, because even when you have the options available to you, you're determined to not use them. That's a real defeatist attitude right there. But whatever. You do you. Us random people over the internet can only give suggestions and advice. You're the one who needs to act on it. And since this is officially off topic and I've lost all interest in this conversation, I'm going to bed.
  14. I'll only add this to the conversation in hopes of giving a fellow player some perspective. Many of the people you may be watching, hearing, or talking to have been potentially playing this game for years. So don't get discouraged. Yeah it takes time and patience, but the main focus of the game is to enjoy yourself. If a particular mod isn't dropping for you, farm another. Or, better yet, focus on completing the star chart and get into prime part trading. I'm unsure where you are in your Warframe journey (I've only just read the last two posts you've made on this page), but when all else fails, learning how the trade market works tends to be the best bet. Every mod can be traded - many of them costing very little in plat (Though there are a few expensive ones). So what I would suggest, is sneak in a little relic farming in your game time. Open those relics, and use https://warframe.market/ as a guide to your plat sales. That all said... He's very much right. At the end of the day, this game is a looter shooter. There are ways to circumvent the grind (with just different forms of it lol), but don't rely on it for everything. Like I said - play the game. Have fun. Don't worry too much about becoming the strongest asap. If you absolutely positively need a partiuclar mod or prime part, do what I stated above. But generally? Just play. And if you're getting sick of it, play something else. Warframe isn't going away any time soon. 🙂 This just makes me glad I didn't read through this whole thread. Holy hell.
  15. These are the types of threads that made me leave these forums. People openly advocating not playing the game because they refuse to play the game. I just....ugh.
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