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  1. I've enjoyed quite alot of 2020's updates and additions; Deimos being the pinnacle. They really tried to make it as different as possible from the other open worlds, and it shows. Love the lore behind it and its inhabitants too, and the necramechs are a new, powerful way of playing the game.
  2. Not gonna lie I'm going to miss tuning in every other week to enjoy my favorite developers and their antics. I've done so every single devstream over the course of almost a decade (unless life stops me. Work, etc). All I ask is that these devstreams don't become overly scripted corporate nonsense. I want personality with my sneak peeks and information. I don't want brain dead robots or an overabundance of premade videos.
  3. The crotch area seems to be weighted wrong. It scrunches weirdly and sometimes clips within itself. Video demonstrating a few of the stances that show this: If you're having trouble seeing exactly what's happening, go full screen. Also I just uploaded it so youtube is still processing and thus it may be a little blurry for a bit. (Other than that, absolutely loving the new skin. Very well done especially in Deferred Rendering)
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