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  1. Staff skin was only given to people who were in the relays during the stream. The mystery gift was also given to those people too at the end of TennoLive.
  2. They stated multiple times now (including in the stream you all supposedly watched) that twitch drops are delayed due to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of players getting items. Reb at the end of the stream straight up said it could take a day to get to some people. So just be patient. Also, ask yourself these questions. 1. Did you link your Warframe account to Twitch? 2. Was Warframe's stream open and visible on your screen for 30 minutes during any of the Tennocon panels? If it was not, you missed out on Athodai. It will be released at a later date. 3. Was Warframe's stream open and visible on your screen for 30 minutes during TennoLive? It was the last stream of the day. If it was not, you missed out on Hydroid Prime. If all the answers are yes, then as stated above: Wait and be patient. If no, then you're SoL.
  3. Wraith is also in the dojo. It was given to certain clans during an event a few years ago. Some clans only got one copy per clan member while those that scored highest in the event got a copiable version in the chem lab. There is another way to get it though through Baro, but that's a random chance.
  4. I concur with hippokrene. Most older clans tend to offer it for free. If someone's demanding plat, just keep searching or join a clan with a dojo that has the bp available. I'd happily help, but sadly I left the clan that had the bp. Clan's name was Broframe. Pretty sure they accept all applicants still, but it's been awhile. Edit: Truthfully, I don't remember if they have a copiable version of the bp. Very friendly though last I heard.
  5. You didn't answer the question, and thus the question was answered. You may continue with your complaining. Don't expect an answer back. I'm outta here.
  6. They admitted they messed up, wrote out everything they specifically want to do with this new system, are forcing EVERY content creator to re-apply, are making stricter rules, giving more ways for us, the community, to directly report creators for misconduct, and are opening the program for even more people with more varied created content. That all sounds like improvements to me. Don't you WANT improvement? Just what can they do to curry your favor at this point? Come on tough guy, got any idea what would make you not angry? Or are you drunk off of it now like everyone else?
  7. DE: "Alright folks we messed up a number of times with partners and feel we should just start over with a new, better, more robust system where everyone needs to re-apply and adhere to stricter rules." Community: "We don't care we still hate everything how dare you try to make things better!" This forum is a cesspool.
  8. Haven't had any problems over here. Don't use Mesa all the time. You end up destroying the specters' energy which can be used to power up your Xoris and save the trapped people. Best tactic would be to save the people first, then use Mesa's ult. Do that along with collecting the yellow diamonds and you should be fine. Personally, I don't use Mesa at all and I've been farming both solo and with a full group.
  9. Areas with the Infested in them used to be this dark. Had a very creepy atmosphere and really made Infested feel as horrifying as they should feel. Man do I miss that.
  10. Well I mean, it's THEIR game so yes, they probably do want players to play it the way they intended it to be played. If you want the best payout, save the people. Makes sense. By the way, you're being an example of what I talked about in that quote. DE adds some difficulty, people cry about it. Just par for the course.
  11. Just wanted to quickly point this out, but the floating enemies drop these golden diamond shaped items that extend the time you have in there. Make sure to use it to your advantage. Also, bring the Xoris. You can use it the same way you used it in the Deadlock quest. Hit the specter's energy with it to charge it up, then use it to help the trapped people. They also extend your time by alot. Blame the complainers. I've been here since pretty much the beginning and I kid you not - every single time DE tries to implement something more than "run around a room and kill things", people scream bloody murder. Any extra bit of thought in their mass murder simulator transforms the forums into a nest of screeching birds,
  12. I liked Corinth because of its slick design and epic sound effect. But I absolutely hated its alt fire. I hated wanting to use it only to realize an enemy is too close or too far for its stiff range to hit them. But then Corinth Prime arrived, and it's been one of my main go-to shotguns ever since. The flexibility given with how you can use the alt fire is wonderful. Getting that rush of dopamine when you perfectly nail a group of enemies a hundred yards away with the explosion is addicting. While yes, the reload for corinth was unique, corinth prime's reload allows you to get into the fight faster. With 20 shots in the magazine, having the old reload would take ages. This plus the fact that Corinth prime's stats are just plain better means, at least to me, that it's a direct upgrade. If you're having trouble using the alt fire, practice makes perfect. I hit my shots 95% of the time because I practiced with it and know how to gauge distances. If you don't want to figure it out however, there are many other options for weapons - including the original corinth itself if you want. Let those of us who enjoy this weapon enjoy it.
  13. Seems the folks that are already condemning the fight are the same folks that just want to speed through everything as fast as possible. Yeah, 90% of the game is that. Go into a mission, nuke everything in sight/rush to a point/deal with a timer, then leave. Bosses shouldn't be like that. Bosses should require more than just a gear check. I'd rather my brain or reflexes be tested against a boss than my overpowered weapon of choice. Please. Let those of us who want at least a modicum of challenge have this one. You can have the rest of the game.
  14. You're clearly talking to me. Next time, quote me so I can answer. 1. It's still early June. 2. As someone else stated in the last page, DE just added a Deadlock Protocol picture to their banner on their facebook (And now their Twitter), which means it will more than likely release some time this week. 3. They DID post about a delay. Deadlock was initially going to release in May. This thread right here states that it will be instead released in June. It is still June. There's no reason to post about another "delay" when the current delay threshold hasn't been met yet. 4. Duh PSO2 was a thing before. However many people from places not in JP either could not play it or didn't wish to deal with fan translations. It's been officially released here in NA on PC and now everyone can play it on servers situated at their home. Thus, point still stands.
  15. Pretty sure they stated it was coming in June. Let's take a look at the calendar....Oh. It's still June. Not even mid June yet. Alright then. If they push it to July, THEN I'd understand the torches and pitchforks. But they said June. It's still June. It will be June for another 23 days. Be patient. Last time they rushed out an update to appease you people, it came out a broken and buggy mess. Clearly they don't want that to happen this time. For now, I suggest playing something else if you have nothing else to do in Warframe. PSO2 recently came out on PC. Fun game, if a bit over-complicated with certain systems and the insane amount of menus. Xbox Game Pass is a thing. 1 dollar for hundreds of PC games. Good stuff. And then once Deadlock is released, come on back so you can enjoy it/complain about it incessantly too.
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