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Kubrow Perma-Death?



There have been a number of posts theorizing kubrows can die permanently and this was mentioned at least once in the devstreams. Has anyone discovered exactly what would cause a kubrow to permanently die?


I assume one would need to let their health drop, but it seems that health and loyalty have to do with their effectiveness in the field (max health and max damage) as a buff instead of the pet's actual stats.


Has there been any official word on this or clarification on their health meter and dying?



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Guys he is talking about possible perma-death from decreasing DNA stabilization, not dying in combat.


I don't think anyone knows just yet.  I do have a Kubrow at +60% at the moment who I will not be maintaining any longer.  I think the decrease is -20% per day?  So it should take 8 days for his stabilization to fall completely.


The unfortunate thing about this is that I can't hatch any more kubrows until this timer is up.  But I will try to hold out unless someone else can verify this information before then.

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