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Hidden Messages Quest Bug.


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Okay. So me and a couple of friends have been working our way through the quest for Mirage. We logged in this morning to claim the second piece and received a riddle from Ordis.


Go to check our inboxes to work it out, and the riddle isn't there. Instead we have a message from the Lotus saying we now have all 3 pieces and can construct Mirage. We don't have all 3 pieces, and the mission where the 3rd part is supposed to drop doesn't reward us with the blueprint.


I can only assume the hotfix last night has caused a bug in the mission. I don't mean to complain, it's just incredibly frustrating when you want to get Mirage built asap.


Just noticed I can't progress in the Howl of the Kubrow quest either. Mine has matured, yet I'm still getting messages that I need to wait for it to mature before progressing.

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For the mirage glitch, if you want to do it the legit way and wait for the glitch to fix so the riddle comes out again... then do so.


But if u want mirage ASAP, you can cheat using the wikia (I warn you, if you don't want to get spoiled, don't go here)...


The Howl of the kubrow one, I can't answer.

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go check the wiki page and look at mirage's page, click on the hidden messages link in the second paragraph (caution spoilers on following page) the third quest is bugged but this page will tell you where to go to complete the third quest. hope this helps 


edit: have you got the collar for your kubrow yet? if not that might be why your still getting the message or did you buy your egg or find it? if you bought it it does not always register as you did not actually finish the quest.

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