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Feedback On The Current Dark Sector Pvp


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My views on the current Dark Sector PvP


- People join in at rank 0 while others are already at rank 10 or higher making it almost impossible to gain exp, making it a very uninteresting game for people who join in late


- 90% of the time I get matched up with a host who is extremely laggy, I have max ping settings to 100 but that doesn't seem to work much, in PvE it's not that much of a disaster, but in PvP it is just horrible.


- The current levelup mod system is not very good, you basically have to reorder all your polarities and mods so you get the items you want first. A fix to this could be to make an order of which mod to get first


- Another problem to me is that the system does calculate everything normal with polarities (i.e. you can have a maxed redirection(14capacity) and it will be ready at rank 7) but not with catalysts/reactors so they are pretty much useless here unlike the polarities.


- I think the mods should be bound by conclave rating and not by mod capacity.


- At the end of each game I get: Connection to the host has been lost, I don't know if this is because of a bug or that the host decides to quit the game just so he doesn't lose the match


- It seems there's only a progress bar on one side of the match, the other side is time  based. This way it's almost certain the defending side will lose if enough people play as they are unable to beat the other side.


I will add more stuff later on as I play more

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