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Melee Ember For The Lolz



So when I noticed that the Silva & Aegis deals fire damage, I immediately wanted to pair it up with an Accelerant Ember. Works pretty well - not something I'd bring to high level content but a lot of fun playing with the awesome Sword&Board combos.


Here's the builds I've been using:


Ember Grineer: http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Ember_prime/t_30_12003140013_2-8-10-5-3-4-6-1-5-34-10-5-43-7-5-44-6-10-55-4-4-59-9-3-64-5-3-65-0-3-256-2-3_65-4-6-6-256-9-5-8-55-5-64-2-44-7-43-7-2-12-59-11-34-14_11/en/1-0-4/ (Can use same thing for Corpus just ES aura instead of CP) 

Ember Corpus: http://goo.gl/osIVt3 (Alternate version with Redirection, wont gain as much benefit from Rage)

Ember Infested: http://goo.gl/RoI4yo (not sure about Antitoxin, maybe knockdown or compromise with Constitution)


And the two Silva builds I've been having trouble picking between:

http://warframe-builder.com/Melee_Weapons/Builder/Silva_and_aegis/t_30_000000002_227-1-5-232-0-5-240-5-3-244-6-5-245-3-5-247-4-5-321-7-3-327-2-3-332-8-3_232-9-227-7-327-7-245-11-247-9-240-7-244-9-321-7-332-10/en/4-0-60/ (Pure Fire, 9 energy/channeled swing but channeling is infrequent)

http://warframe-builder.com/Melee_Weapons/Builder/Silva_and_aegis/t_30_000000002_238-1-3-240-5-3-244-6-5-245-3-5-247-4-5-266-0-3-321-7-3-327-2-3-332-8-3_266-7-238-7-327-7-245-11-247-9-240-7-244-9-321-7-332-10/en/4-0-60/ (Corrosive/Fire /w status, more damage when not Accelerant'd but less under it's effect.)


The thought being that Accelerant is used as a stun, and as a 3.25-4x damage amplification against heavies, or before a Life Strike. Fireball can be used to take out flying units, as well as providing pretty good damage and guaranteed fire flailing upon demand.


Reflection seems to no longer be working for Life Strike (that's ok, it was broken OP) but still works great with Reflex Guard against Grineer (kinda okay against Corpus, not as amazing).

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