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I Am Having A Graphucs Card Issue Please Help



i have been playing warframe since aroun 5pm today around an hour ago warframe crashed on my three times as soon as i logged in each time. my computer runs a little hot occasionally so i thought that might be it i let it sit and chill about half an hour and tried logging back on as soon as the patcher pulled up it displayed a message saying my graphics card is not supported. i have been playing nearly 3/4 of a year now on this laptop and have not had any kind of major issue until now. can anyone help?

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not a pro with these things but.


control pannel-> hardware and sound (could be called something else methinks on other window versions) -> Device manager 


in the device manager look for display adapters. this will identify your video card and clicking on the properties probably will show the driver version.




as far as your main issue. not sure what the deal is. Not like warframe completely changed its graphics engine or anything.

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