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Wtb Raksa Imprints X2.

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Please show me a picture of the Kubrow & its stats by pressing X on the incubator and taking a screenshot.

I would also like to see it in Dojo.


Preference:  ( in order of utmost to least importance ).

Body Type: Average - Bulky

Lotus Imprint: 

Lotus Imprint Color: Black / White / Grey (against Fur color; must be visible).

Fur Color: White / Black / Gray

Fur Patterns: Tiger Stripes or Plain.

Eye Color: Blue, Yellow, or Gold.




- These are only preference. You may or may not have all of them. I will consider.

- I'm paying in platinum OR imprints (I have Sahasa & Sunika).


SAHASA - Koronov.



SUNIKA - Warwick


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