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  1. I like shooting explosive barrels whenever a squad member gets near one.
  2. i have a huge folder of warframe screenshots
  3. i like breaking the glasses just before someone could get to the extraction room
  4. I did read about that last year. I was researching about where all Warframe names came from. Nice to know DE don't just randomly name them.
  5. That's not an exploit, that's trickery. Someone stealing a clan.
  6. But if you want it photoshopped:
  7. EDITED. Wrong helmet color. EDIT 2: Actually it's impossible. The secondary color changes both the Helmet & the Immortal Lotus Patterns. No way to use Yellow-ish helmet & black patterns at the same time.
  8. It's been bothering me ever since I crafted the Ogris. I kept thinking I swear I've seen this design somewhere........ Then I saw this: Well my mind is finally at ease. I can die now.
  9. + Different HUD interface for different Frames!!!
  10. What if instead of looking like a Phased Rakta, we make it a little bit different? How would you like if it leaves a trailing effect while running? (Like with weapons on Channeling). Or if not, how about have it leave a trail of fire sparkles when you run? Also, would you like it if, it was adjusted slightly higher up the shoulders so could see it better front view? (Like Angel Wings folded behind their backs). What do you think?
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