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Powered Void Keys


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A powered void key is an item obtained from a long process of actions.


-Scrap existing void keys for their energy, stored in a device bought from the shop, which takes 5 argons to make, when making a key, the energy is consumed..


-Obtained by the process explained below or by getting parts of a key+ energy. The parts can drop in rare missions, quests, alerts, etc. Additionally every boss can drop key parts of his respective key.


-Consuming a t4 or orokin derelict assassinate key, the gathered energy, morphics, 10 orokin cells and a huge amount of nano spores yields the key. Or making one using parts. found.


-When being made, you pick one passive bonus (5% to something) which the key provides when you wear it.


-Equipped as a consumable, cannot be equipped with dragon keys. Cannot equip more than one at a time.


-Each key has four different abilities and they fall into these categories: passive, burst (low cooldown), defensive and ultimate. Keys do NOT have one of each ability type, with some having say...three bursts and some having a defensive and two passives. But every key has an ultimate.


-Keys have no mods and consume nothing when the abilities are used, but start off extremely weak and must level up by frequent use, all the way to 90 or something like that.  Every ability has a cooldown!


-Using abilities gives you mastery of them, which can be used to upgrade an ability. Only two abilities can be upgraded out of four, per key.


-Upon death, if there any living players and you are out of revives, you can consume your key (no more use for the current mission) to revive you thrice as slowly as a normal revive. This can occur only once per day.


Example key. +5% sprint speed.


Passive: reviving summons a shield around you and is twice as fast. Has a cooldown to prevent abuse.


Burst: Fires missiles at targets around you.


Defensive: Summons several drone holograms that shoot lasers, they die easily but enemies will target them.


Ultimate: Boosts melee attack speed and damage for a while.

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