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Missing Frost Prime


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I'm not entirely sure where to put this, and I want you to understand that i'm not trying to get a free frost prime...

I stopped playing this game half a year ago and I'm only back because I really like this new update, with that being said when I logged back in for the first time in ages I only had 1 Tenno (Excalibur at Max lvl). I clearly remember after maxing my Excalibur that I went on void missions to collect a frost prime and did obtain that frost prime (I can actually remember how happy I was when i got it XD), but I can also say that I have had 2 accounts, my very first account was shut down without a reason (probably because my old email no longer works) so it could have possibly been on that one. Just a note that I really want my frost prime back 0_0 


Thanks for your time.

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