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Grineer/infested Defense, Moving Cryopod Elevator == Infinite Falling Loop Underneath


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I just did a Defense mission on the newly redesigned Grineer Galleon tileset. The ramps leading up are MUCH easier to climb than those stacked crates, and the idea of making the cryopod move up and down on the elevator is an interesting way to mix up the action.


Unfortunately, there are some issues with the elevator.



First, have a screenshot:


This was taken from underneath the elevator, after it had raised the crypod to the upper level. A second, duplicate pod is left floating in mid-air above a gaping pit. Any items that were on the elevator when it starts moving are also left floating in mid-air, whether they are mods, ammo, etc.
If you jump out to try and collect them, you fall into the pit. And like most pits, the game tries to send you back out... But this one places you just above where the elevator platform would be... when it's in its LOWER position. But since it was raised to the upper level, I fell into the pit again. And again, and again, and again.
I had to sit out at least two or three waves of the defense mission, my screen constantly flashing and going to black as I was infinitely falling and being teleported up, until finally the elevator decided to go back down to the lower level, and I was returned to solid ground.
Please, however those pit teleport volumes are designed, this one needs to be re-targetted to place you onto the permanently solid areas around the elevator, and not merely above it.
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