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  1. Any chance that, in the NW Creds Shop, we can get a "Hide Crafted" button to go along with the "Hide Owned" button? There's a lot of helmet blueprints that I've already made, and don't need duplicates of.
  2. Going to bump this topic, I'm also dis-satisfied that four of the six syndicates are lacking an equal amount of emotes. Especially since I'm personally working for Perrin/Loka/Red Veil. I only have access to eight, while the opposite can have fourteen? Really??
  3. Regarding "Golden Instinct," how much range is it going to have? Orb Vallis is bloody HUGE-and-a-half, but it is chock full of lore fragments from the fine folk of Fortuna. And those at least are in static locations. Good luck trying to find the randomly spawned Somachord fragments in any of the landscape zones. Please, let the scanning range for this ability be infinite, even if the spark trail has limited duration.
  4. There was a request for the Dog Days Inner-Tube has a cosmetic. I think the Ephemera slot would be the most appropriate for this, if added? But that's just my opinion.
  5. How's that work with Ivara's Prowl, Nekros' Desecrate, and various other loot-o-matic abilities?
  6. Okay, who left their Sarpa laying around where Captain Vor could find it?
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