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  1. How about you fix the tree in Dog Days, so people can't just hide in the branches and go AFK? Leeches.
  2. Ropalolyst boss fight, do NOT fall off the platforms while in Operator Mode. You will respawn outside the arena, possibly all the way back at mission spawn.
  3. Something for the FX and design teams: The impromptu stream showed off some of the new effects for various elemental mods attached to melee weapons. Any thoughts on providing more visual feedback for the extended range of "Reach" and "Primed Reach" mods?
  4. They said that instant weapon switching for melee will be coming possibly next week, and it wouldn't affect mods... But what about all the channeling mods? I'm a fan of Life Strike, emergency heals on demand is quite useful. How am I supposed to activate that if Mouse1 is now going to swap back to my guns?
  5. I got two twitch drops, since they killed two Loot Monsters! Yay! I got two relic packs, nice! I got NO idea what relics were IN those packs! Boo!
  6. Right when I first log in: "Hotfix coming in 1 minute!"
  7. Did someone forget to reset their clocks for daylight savings time? Fish boot Operator cosmetic, please?
  8. So, I completed Vox Solaris. Got the K-Drive Launcher. But no Garuda main blueprint? Anyone else have this problem? Edit: Bleah, shows up as an Inbox message? That does NOT auto-pop after returning to your orbiter? Got me worried over nothing, but still broken.
  9. Aww, they're just trying to do some parkour, like we Tenno can do!
  10. I've been noticing that loading into a mission seems to stall at about 60% on the bar. Need to make a formal bug report post about it...
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