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Can't Tell The Progression Path Now


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I am on phobos doing missions, trying to get to the boss when I realized I was doing the wrong missions. Now, I have come here after waisting my time to submit a formal complaint against this new star chart. Don't get me wrong, It looks really nice. However, it has a severe functional problem, in that its not really too functional. When you are progressing through a planet and the node you are on has nodes to its left and right, you have No clue which way to pick. So you end up guessing. This new map literally doesn't serve the very key function that the old map did really well, and that is to show you the progression path.


It doesn't show you which mission unlocks which nodes next or in what order. Its all in one giant circle. I urge you, put the functionality of serving as a guide to the progression path back into the star chart. Let us actually see where to go next. Let us know which mission unlocks what part next so we do not waiste our time.

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the new "star chart" which has NO STARS BTW, is crap, no 'system', no connections, no 'game world', no links, just WTF srsly?


and +1 OP


whoever designed the new 'ring of planets' is , well lets just called them VERY SILLY and save myself from some warning points =/

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