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Rare Mod Disappeared For No Reason


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So, my friends and I were doing one of the Kubrow egg hunts, and we were attacked by the 3 bounty hunters (Can't remember their names atm). We got the Multishot mods for the Rifle and Pistol, and finished the mission then left.


I upgraded the Rifle mod a good deal, and my friend was going to trade me his because he wanted a second of the pistol one, so I said sure. We went to the dojo, started a trade, then realized I didn't have enough credits at the moment to trade. We left the trade, and did another of the egg hunts, and when we got back, I realized I forgot to equip the Rifle Mod. I went to equip it, and it was gone!

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Did you try to relogg?

The first thing I did was tell my friends whom I was in a call with getting ready to go on another egg hunt (One of them still needs a Kubrow egg), that I was gonna relog to see if that fixed it. It didn't. I didn't try fully closing the game at the time, but I did turn off my computer last night, so I'll check to see if I have a second (The friend that wanted my pistol mod gave me his rifle mod for my pistol mod) as soon as I open the game today.


If it's not there though, that's a bit of a problematic bug I'd say.




I just logged in, and I STILL don't have the a second of Split Barrel (Yes, I remember the name now). 

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Split chamber, and I would recommend a support ticket.

DE monitors all the accounts so they should see whether or not you picked one up or where it went.

Okay, where do I go to file a support ticket then? 

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