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New Infested Heavy Unit Concept-Bloats[Concept Art]


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Introducing the Bloat! A fat, disgusting concept for a new Infested Heavy!


Health: Double that of the Ancients. Upon death, explodes and releases swarms of Infested bugs.

Damage: Vomits corrosive bile that inflicts poison damage. Same DPS as a Grineer Scorch. Swarms of Infested bugs(or in some cases, an Infested Runner) pop out of its belly from time to time.

Movement: Waddles real slow towards you.


-Spawns more guys

-Poison damage


-Explosive Death



-Big target

Reason for Idea:

The Infested don't have much variety in their Heavies. All the Ancients look the exact same except for color and special effects/particles. Why not add a new menacing Heavy to the Infested? Plus it fills the role of spawner.


Possible Variants:

Volatile Bloat: Waddles faster and upon reaching tyou, it goes nuclear and explodes. Leaves behind a lingering poison mist,

Bloated Spitter: Shoots giant globs of acid that hurt and inflict poison damage.

Bloated Charger: Moves at normal running speed!

Links to my other Concepts:

Tongue Crawlers/Chargers


Grineer Executioner, Crusher, Widows, and Corpus Falcon


Feedback is always appreciated!

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