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[Wtb] Kubrow | Fox Coat | Huras | Medium Build

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I'm looking for a Fox type Kubrow coat (reddish brown coat, white underside, with black legs/feet).


The are a few requirements that must be met for me to even consider purchasing the imprint.


Breed: Has to be Huras.


Build: Medium is preferred. However, I might consider a skinny build.


Quantity: Has to be two of the same imprint. There is no exception to this.



Being this specific I know I will be spending quite a bit on this request, and I am prepared to do so. However, don't come at me with any outlandish offers. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.



Edit: For clarity sake. . .



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Your pup has the body type that I'm looking for. . . but not the coat :|


Thanks for the response though!



. . .I'm starting to doubt whether or not the coat that I'm looking for even exists, after 14.0.9 came round.


Oh ok. I thought that was the right color.

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