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[Warframe Concept] Pathfinder


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Hi, This is my first post. Sorry for my bad english.

The concept is this warframe manipulates light to shine a path for allies and secure the allies to cross the path he finds safely.

The core of this warframe is to mark a target with marker light and unleash a power on it.

Some of the concepts similar to other warframes such as banshee sonar and vauban traps.
The stat : Health 120

Shield 100

Power 100
Armor 50

Sprint speed 1.1

1. Illuminate (cost 15): - Mark a target with the marker light, make the illuminated target received more damage.

- Doesn't create attention because this light can only seen by tenno.

- Can be cast again once on the illuminated target, it will cause the overload of energy and create a small blast on the target, damaging and blinding the target and surrounding.

- Any interact-able object can be marked with the light too, such as locker and explosive barrel. Destroy-able object can be destroyed by casting the first ability on it while it was illuminated. 

2. Light a path (cost 50): - Send a wave of light energy toward the way he face, causing the path to illuminated.

- Any enemy that touch a wave will be blinded for seconds and illuminated (marked with a light, receive more damage and can be cast with the first ability to create a light blast.)

- Any interact-able object can be marked with this ability too.

- The path that the wave travel through will be light-up for a time making things more visible when the stage is dark and create a trail.

3. Light ward (cost 75): - Created an immobile drone on  the place he stands.

-The drone act as a trap. If the enemy come close, The drone will expose itself, create a flashbang, blinding enemy, and attack. The drone will use burst gun on the un-illuminated target.

-The drone will use continuous concentrated laser to attacked the illuminated target, can shoot multiple laser at once.

4. Refracting field (cost 100): - The pathfinder concentrated the light energy in itself and released it by the refracting field, creating a giant flashbang which blind and mark everything in the area, after that, the pathfinder still emit refracting field that can cloak allies in the field, making them and himself invisible for the enemy.


That is everything for now, thank you.

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