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Kubrows And Kubrow Suggestions! :d (No Bashing)


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I love my kubrows! <3 I've got 3 main types and all I need is a Raksa and I'm good to go! I only have a few suggestions :3



Stasis timer: I know this is probably one of those things that when you're in a jam it would probably save you a lot of credits in the long run (because you know. DNA stabilizers if you're not on every other day) but the time it takes to take your kubrow out of stasis is a little anoying and virtually the only thing that bothers me about kubrows. I mean People want to use their kubrows as soon as possible right? so why the 3 hour wait? I'm not saying get rid of it but maybe just dull it down to an hour wait instead? I mean yeah people want to remove the timer completely but quite honestly this is extremely realistic so if you wake up from being frozen then suddenly thawed within a few seconds to a minute you're going to be groggy. same goes with pets. Have you seen them waking up from anesthetics?   

(if my kubrow did this on the battlefield after rushing the wake up process with plats i'd be rolling in my own tears of laughter.)


Sahasa kubrow: I noticed a while ago before U14 that wild kubrows pick up bodies, health orbs, energy orbs, resources and ammo and take them to the dens. If sahasa kubrows picked up things like this (that you need of course) and brought them to you it would make life in the game so much easier. Not getting rid of digging up stuff of course just adding more to them. Their description does say they were good at fetch :D and Quite honestly my Sahasa, Kuschel (cuddles in german), is so far my favorite x3  


That's all i'd add/change

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Another addition to your suggestions would be for the devs to give us back the more varied heights for kubrows. I feel like my kubrow got shorter after 14.0.9

I've actually noticed this too but i think it depends on the kubrow. Kuschel got shorter but Wolke got a bit taller and one of my friends' kubrows got really huge x.x dont know why they'd change this but oh well *shrug* I just wish Kuschel was a bit bigger. 

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i wish they would do something about imprints.I wanted to have one of each type of kubrow and i have a sahasa and sunika. I traded 2 sunika imprints so i could get 2 Huras imprints.


The first problem i came across was that you have no idea what type of kubrow the imprint is from.The imprint you use on a kubrow should be labelled after its type e.g "you have created a sunika imprint"


The second problem i had was that using 2 imprints of a Huras i got a sahasa.There is no point in using imprints l if you are not guaranteed the type of kubrow the imprint was from.


we need to be able to have more control over what type of kubrow we get.i know there is RNG in this game but farming for eggs in itself is a pain.to get imprints of a type you want and for them to not even work is just stupid.I cant keep trying to get random kubrows if i get another copy of the same type i have limited stasis slots i dont want to spend plat for more slots just so i can put 3 sahasa in to have room to try get another type.

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