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Constant Disconnects, Couldn't Rank Up.


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The game servers are very ,very unstable. 


I am playing with my son, and it is very hard to finish a mission without a disconnect. 


He was playing the Vor's Prize mission, and his account is mastery rank 0.


I was playing with him, and both of our accounts were disconnected - as in I WAS LOGGED OFF THE GAME - after every mission. 



Upon login, his account has the quest progress preserved however. 


Now he went to do a mastery rank test, but he was disconnected in the middle of the test. 


Now he must wait for 24 hours before attempting again. This is really a bummer. 


DE, please take a very good look on your servers, because their quality has degraded significantly. 



It is one thing to fail a mastery rank, but being kicked out by the game and still having to wait 24 hours for another chance is another thing altogether. 


Pls fix, the game is still great, but these bugs are detracting severely from the experience. 



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