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Hello, I Say!


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Evening Gentlemen, thought I'd drop by here and give an introduction, seeing as I've been here for a bit over half a year (maybe almost a year, I can't remember exactly when signed up). I like to be called Sylven, and I'll call myself a semi-casual, semi-hardcore gamer. I have an extremely competetive attitude, though I don't let it get the best of me with rare exceptions. Like many others, I'll probably never collect and max out every frame and wepaon in the game, though I'll make sure to keep a good variety of weapons and frames at my disposal. I enjoy helping others frequently, as it gives me something interesting to, and helps me earn ranks on my equipment, so I'm happy to help anyone else. At the same time, I'm also open to getting help/advice from more advanced players, i.e. How to get beyond 45 min in survival or round 25 in Defense. I'm also open to trading for prime parts and anything else I don't have a use for (not with platinum, I'm against the idea of spending platinum on items that you can get otherwise, no metter the difficulty, but that's just a personal financial issue). Hopefully in the future, I'll find the time to be more active within the forums, and do my part as a member of the community.

And yes, I do enjoy talking with a "proper" manner as some would call it, though I'll tend to be more casual in conversation.

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