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Incredible Amount Of Game Crashes


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about a year ago when i was playing this intensivly this game never crashed... now when i play it on same laptop with same configuration this game crashes like every 2 hours at least once in the middle of the map... its pretty annoying when u have def map on 15min + or alert rescue almost with delivered hostage and suddenly all goes to ****

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whats really funny, as I was reading this... Firefox crashed :)


I have been scared of going past wave 30 in defense because of the amount of Crashes and Dumps.


When I was testing out guns with hall of Mirrors I did about 10 defense, and didn't finish any of them

I think mirage causes many of them but, also lost 20 ish waves of xp with no mirage :(



I wish they handled XP and loot on a per wave basis, updating your account after each wave, or on surv after every 5 mins.

I think they only give XP and loot at the end to prevent players randomly leaving others alone.


I am not that bothered about dropping out, but loosing 4 hours of effort and farm is frustrating.

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