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Guide: To Make Your Mirage The Barrage



Here's a small guide telling you different ways to abuse the power of mirage and what can be used to take down waves of T4 tower mission enemies and your way to survive 1 hour in T4 tower survial missions :)


1. You want to build a perfect hall of mirrors build with ecplise so you can deal extra dps and have damage reducation or increased speed depending on your lighting levels

-Probaly want maxed energy siphon

-Contuinity and Constution is very helpful too

-Power Strenght can be used, to affect the damage your clones do.

-No power range, waste of points for this build

-Vigor is important, Viatility too, and Redirection

-Streamline is also important


2. Mutishot mods on weapons and a long range melee weapon

-Split chamber for rifles and hells chamber for shotguns

-Barrel Difusion for secondary and lethal torrent all times

Weapons for melee: Jat Kitag works well(stagger makes the units unable to attack along with the air attack which will have so much ragdoll force, you can kill a lot with that). Scolaic works well, Lecta, Galatine, Scindo, Orthos/Orthos Prime, Bo Prime, Reaper/Reaper Prime, Hate, Venka for the slash proc(not range), Glavie/Glavie Prime(choas to any enemy unit. currently bugs tho).


3.  Finding the right primary

Weapons: Phage(with hells chamber can be very good when focused, and with vicous spred which will destoy pretty much everything in the AoE). Penta, Ogris, Ignis(will use less ammo sense your killing faster) Crit built bows or thunderbolt(Paris Prime, Cenros, Paris, Dread) Synpase with crit build(G3 no problem now, i did 829 Million red crit damage against lecker from a head shot). Amprex with crit is also good, AoE as heck. Dragokgoon with the similar combo as Phage will do a  insane amount of AoE.(keep in mind the AoE is mostly insane when you have the constant hall of mirrors). Boar/Boar Prime, Soma, Sobek, Gorgon/Gorgon Wraith, Torid(Very good trapping for enemies on defense), Grinlock(for high status chance), Mitter(The Lag Monster, you know what will it will do, wave of blades). 


4. Finding the perfect secondary

Weapons: Kunia, Despair, Angstrum(min nuke :D), Embolist, Detron, Dual Cestra, Stug, Maerlock(for high status chance), Acrid(for long toxic dur) Tysis, Castnas( will group up and cause mutiplying damage)


5. Running Missions

-avoid magnetic damage from shock eximus or disruptors

-keep hall of mirrors up constantly, you should have unlimited energy theroticaly if your efficenty is right

-use ecplise in emergencys or when huge hordes come.

-Focus your weapon onto stronger targets like tech, or eximus, or gunners etc. 

-Channeled weapons generaly work better

-use a kubrow or a sentile that does high support for the player or there own weapon(kubrows should focus on loot and damage)

-Do not run into huge hordes, slowly destory them from the exterior of it.


The way mirages hall of mirror works

-currently the host will have a mutishot glitch etc(super damage)

-the hall of mirrors will act as targets for other enemies confusing them, but they will learn

-casting hall of mirrors infront of enemies, they will know its you in the center and will still shoot you.

-The extra firepower and mutishot from mods makes it easy to run through literally any mission

-Caption Vor in the void can die within seconds from the phage being focused.

-I doubt any boss will be an issue

-Keep in mind Mirage may have future ability changes.

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I would disagree that Streamline is important, and I think Narrow Minded is critically important.


With Mirrors and Eclipse lasting almost one minute the energy cost isn't significant. 3 energy orbs per minute is pretty easy to get.


As always, aura should be Corrosive Projection when fighting Grineer or Corrupted enemies.

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