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Price Check On Eleventh Storm.

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Sorry mkil, it's not a valuable stance, as far as can be told.

He probably got excited because he was after it.


The Eleventh Storm is for the Silva & Aegis weapon (designed by SilverBones), and it's the ONLY stance for it.


Trading for stuff is a rather backward form of economy, since the goal of the trade system is to alleviate player headaches and stuff DE's pockets.

It's easier to just find a close-knit group and trade between each other to improve the gameplay experience overall.

(beats spending plat for it and morale goes up)


edit : I assume it's value is low because it's one of the easiest stances to farm, as it drops from a boss. Being an 'uncommon' rank and dropping exclusively from one single boss x 3 (only the heads drop it, I think) reduces it's value, somewhat.

(the fact bosses have a higher chance of dropping uncommons/rares doesn't help, either)

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