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Black Sun Pvp Feedback After 14.0.11


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This is my report of the PvP system in Dark Sectors, the system is interesting, but is so full of bugs that it is impossible to enjoy it.


Critical Errors :


1.- Schemes of the rails do not work. After a ticket to stand still apply the scheme to the rails, and i have not received any reply. Turrets and buildings have all materials but do not start construction.




2.- Disconnections from the master server,


3.- Disconnections why the contenders leaves the game, server kick us out when the contenders left the game. Must forbid voluntary disconnection of the game, or penalized for abandonment.


4.- Rail is extremely hard to defend, machmaking system is broken, is hell hard play as defender, we need to do a lot tweaks to join the game.




5.- Is easy for contenders because they are always hosting the game, and they always can start the game before to occupants.


Please fix these errors, and that are not resolved to establish a permanent armistice until the solution.




Black Sun HQ.

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I have a similar problem with my Alliance's Schema.


We put up the first round of the defenses and the first room, contributed all of the materials, but nothing built.  So we tore them down, and tried again.  Again, we contributed all of the materials, but again, nothing began building.


Construction on the items just doesn't start.


I filed a support ticket about a week ago, but nothing.

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