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Arc Traps, Melee Attacks And Kubrow.


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Ok, so I ran a few missions and I've noticed that Arc traps have started targeting my Kubrow again. It might be that it targets the Kubrow after a player comes in proximity and triggers the trap however.


There are still a few problems with this...


1) Kubrow either stand there like an idiot and bask in the purple glow of the electricity, or...

2) Kubrow ignore their ranged vomit and urine attacks and try to melee the Arc traps. Oh wait, other than their special attacks via equipped mods, they only seem to have melee attacks, so I guess they aren't really ignoring their ranged attacks. Not to mention that Arc traps stun them momentarily, unlike the Tenno and...

3) Arc traps are still immune to melee damage...


In my last run, I had to revive my Kubrow twice before I stopped and killed every Arc trap in my path after the Kubrow tried to get a tan from an Arc trap the third time. Oh yeah, also...when the Kubrow attempt to melee the Arc traps for some masochistic reason, they also often get in the way of us shooting the Arc traps.

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