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Kubrow Scavenge - Increased Credits?


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Is anyone else noticing this? I did a couple of solo missions (so that I could have ALL THE CREDITS).

But on average whenever my little Meepo (tehe the Geomancer, how fitting) pry's open a locker I usually get about 200-400 credits.


Or have I been playing with people too often where the credits get distributed?

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If you are in the void, 200-400 creds isn't all that uncommon. Quite uncommon in normal maps, though.

No I'm doing low level maps on Mars


Doesn't matter who picks up the credits everyone gets the same amount. This seems to be a thing atm as the Sahasa will dig up alot of credits as well.

yes it does, it gets evenly distributed to all those within a certain range around you. So if you get left behind or speed up ahead and collect credits, only you would get them

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