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V Prime Alert Survival Bug


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This happened to me now when i've played on V Prime (Venus) Survival Alert, Rewarding Vanguard Rhino Helmet Blueprint.
I've survived alone for 10 minutes (Lotus said that the survival mission was over 5 minutes before that) but there wasn't no extraction, so when the time ran out, i've died and automatically failed the mission. That's not fair because i've survived the 5 minutes needed for extraction :/

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I don't know but having done this mission - id say this tileset and ai needs tweaking for survival


6 minutes no enemies visible (grineer failing to path own grineer tileset) - interesting way to make it 'hard'

wait until o2 supply is exhausted then throw enemies on extract route when they cannot drop o2? - that's just me being bitter


I can see the reason is lack of spawn areas and pipeway routing ai fail to path along to get to 'anywhere'



and as yesterday on Vauban helmet alert -


bug =


once completed no helmet blueprint awarded

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