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Warlords And Deploying A Solar Rail


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My boyfriend and I are the only two Warlords in our clan, he is the founder. It was my understanding that since I was a Warlord I was also a Tactician and thus able to deploy Solar Rails. Yet yesterday when I went to deploy a Solar Rail, I was unable to because when the selection came up for which rail to deploy, there wasn't a rail there, even though we have one available rail to use. I checked to make sure our rail was still there and available via the Dojo, and it was. I quickly had my boyfriend log in to see if he could deploy it instead. This time, our Solar Rail showed up in the selection screen, yet alas it was too late to deploy it at this point.


The summation of the bug is that it seems not every Warlord can actually deploy a rail because unused solar rails won't show up in the selection screen when attempting to deploy.

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