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So I Tried The New Dark Sector


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1. i had no idea what to do , just enjoyed slicing other players down, but no clarity killing players didnt work very well they seem to respawn :P so thats not the objective obviously.

( how does the defending side win? if the objective is to protect stuff + if you kill attackers and they respawn like "hi bob im back,")

2. when the host left i ended up on the attacking side ( wth?)

3. i restart my game cuz i got bugged somehow and i joined the defenders side again ( somehow again end up on attack side cuz there wasnt a opponent or something thats the message i remember)

4. i had my abilities equiped yet i could not use any of them, tho i confirmed powers are possible cuz i saw lots of mirages with the "dobbleganger" skill.

5. i think its broken


just my personal opinion i think DE should check it out because the wrong clans are getting the wrong nodes right now and i wonder if there are others out there that experience my problems with this new system. thank you for reading


i have to add tho this was my first try but because of all the stuff going on players dcing losing host ( why host? players from the other side will join defence and abuse by trying to dc the whole squad, + the bug that makes u join the attacker isnt helping the defence side either)

as a final note. i dont own any sectors , i dont care who owns them , but "I" dont think this works. (edit: i do care bout taxes)

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