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Greetings Fellow Tenno


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I am Elenor, I use a Black/Green Saryn w/Matching Lilac Armor. I am a Stealth Assassin using Paris, I have Aklex and Fang for when things get rough.  Still new and learning but I am slowly getting the hang of things.

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Hey there Elenor, welcome to the community :)


Let me give you some general advice for playing other types of missions:


For Capture missions, try to focus on the VIP while still fending off enemies. If you let a VIP stray too far, you'll lose him.


Defense missions, don't stay too far away from what you need to defend if you're playing solo, not unless you can easily go back to it or you have other teammates to rely on.


Sabotage, just destroy the target objectives and mission complete. Though in Earth I think, the mechanics are quite different (you have to defend the objective after apparently sabotaging it).


Survival, keep an eye on your life support. Pick up the life support that some enemies drop after you kill them. Also, if there's no way to increase your life support, run to the extraction point/mission end marker! Both your shields and health drain at an alarming rate once life support goes down to zero. It is not fatal however, it stops draining at 5 health.


Spy and Deception missions work in a similar manner, involving datamass/es and using it to hack terminals or gathering them.


Mobile defense is similar to defense, but the mission is done once you have successfully defended the objectives. All that's left is to go to the extraction point.


Assassination missions involve a boss enemy, which you will obviously have to defeat in order to finish the mission.


Rescue missions, you need to rescue and escort the target back to extraction. You can do it stealthily, or go loud. If you go loud though, enemy defense systems will go online and swarms of enemies will go after you, along with wardens. There is also a timer that indicates the remaining time before the prisoner is executed. If you want to avoid those troubles, try to go stealth.


Interception, you have to control the points until you reach 100%, and prevent the enemy from reaching 100%, which would give you the option to continue or take the reward and leave.


Sorry for the wall of text, I hope this helps. For detailed and in depth info, just visit the Warframe wikia ☺

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