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Codex Entry Impossible To Finish (And Maybe Some Bug?)


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I try to finish my codex entry for object for a while now since the enemies would come after that, however I can not finish the "control console" scan both of them. Every time I try to Scan it it said that is complete, I always check it afterward and it keep be 11/12 for both of them.


Are there different console or it's that really a bug?


Also I notice for some reason the crate from phobos are always red and can be scan while that on earth are not scan-able. I did not try on other planet or simple can remember right now but is there reason?

Because I can't understand why one it's different then the other.

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Hi all new here i too am trying to complete all codax scans and im very close however they need to fix the corpus scouts codaxs because there glitched as I scan them but they do not appear in codex making it impossible to complete. . I believe there are other glitched codaxs as well but I can confirm the corpus scouts codaxs are 100% glitched

Please fix all glitched enemy codaxs thanks

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