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Spawn Rates For Survival?



I really want to level up a weapon ( so i can get it over with) but the spawn rates in survival are way too low, even with 4 people


most of the time i lose about 50% in 5 - 10 mins of my oxygen because of the lack of enemies, constantly using oxygen supplies


is there a way or a technique for more enemies to spawn?

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Nekros, sadly usually its due to rooms which the enemies spawn

If your playing with more people i think you can stay all close together and they will spawn more, certain areas of the map i feel spawn more enemies than others so i think you could try to find those areas 

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A few points:

1. Stay as a group so as to not dilute the spawns.

2. Avoid moving through rooms if you don't have to in order to keep track of general enemy movements.

3. Avoid 'slowing' skills like M Prime unless you're not modded for duration and absolutely need the damage boost.

4. Bring a Nekros (situational) to increase capsule drop rate.


Mostly those, maybe more points that'll be covered in the link, but also of note is that certain factions drop more capsules than others. From experience, Grineer > Corpus > Void >> Infested so if that's a consideration, Nekros might be more or less desired, and squad makeup may have to change.

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