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Permanent Corrosive Proc On Kubrow?


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Not sure if this is a good enough picture, but my Kubrow's had this corrosive proc effect on her ever since we left a certain part of the mission.


Reproduction of this bug is really simple, just take a Kubrow to a Mobile Defense mission on Eris (NEW Infested tileset), when you go to the terminal that's surrounded in poisonous smog, you'll notice the corrosive damage affecting the Warframe, as well as the Kubrow. It works as intended I suppose, at least for Warframes, however the corrosive proc effect inflicted on Kubrows never end after you've existed that poison room.

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Just tried it in a quick abort mission. I can support this, kubrows pathing makes him not avoid obstacles  hazards, so he gets procced very often, and some of the procs just stay on him through the mission


Edit, sorry forgot to screenshot >.<

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