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Failure To Update Warframe?



I searched a bit, maybe I missed the answer already? But here it is. I updated the game just fine, nothing out of the ordinary. However my friend hasn't been able to play the game in 4 days.


He gets this error, "Update Failed! The Content servers are temporarily unavailable, Error_Internet_Cannot_Connect_ The update will restart shortly."


Does anyone have a solution to this? Man he always has problems with Warframe, last time it was Strict Nat but we fixed that one a while back.

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I suppose you mean my friend? I asked him waiting for the reply.


Edit: He said he can go to Warframe.com on Fire Fox and Chrome but IE won't load the page. What does that tell us?

Ya so that's the problem, check firewalls or something, id say try a support ticket, but thats definitely the problem.

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