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A simple mappable button that can put the sentinel away and take it out again. I can't imagine what kind of potential for abuse this might present, but I would think it could all be addressed by using cooldowns. From a "story" perspective, since there's really no place on the Warframe to stick the thing when it's powered off, you could just have it use the same technology we use to capture targets... Have to stay still for a few seconds channeling requiring significant premeditation and having to remember to pull it back out.


I have taken to not having my sentinels equipped with the attack mod because there's only one that doesn't ruin my playstyle, and I need to level a bunch of them. I also like the abilities of ones like Carrier and Helios, but running around with a sentinel that only does half its job is kinda silly. So, if I see an opportunity for a bunch of sneak attacks, I can put the silly thing away, then bring it back out. Hell, make it cost some energy to bring back if there needs to be a cost or penalty.

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