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[Survival Bug] No Way In, No Way Out


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After starting up the Phithale, Sedna (Menticide Nyx Helmet) Alert, I played through the mission as normal. However, when time came to extract, a problem occurred...


No waypoint appeared. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, I can just find the extraction point. Except I couldn't. For over 15 minutes I scoured up and down the mission, unable to find any sort of extraction tile. No stone was left unturned, and no corner unchecked.


Either I was completely blind or something occurred to where an extraction tile simply refused to show up, although I can assure you I was beyond thorough. It seems there really was...



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I had this issue with a Rescue mission the other day. The Target to rescue was not waypointed. Luckily I wandered into the prison cell area by chance after about 15 min. After locating and unlocking the correct cell the waypoint to extraction came up.

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