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Losing Dna Integrity While My Kubrow Is Still Maturing


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I don't know wether this is a bug, an oversight, or on purpose.. but my Kubrow is losing DNA Integrity while it is still maturing.


It's slowly losing health before I can even use him, which I think is really dumb and should be changed.


I also think changing the death mechanic from reaching 0% to something more temporary (like automatic Stasis once your kubrow reaches 5% or something) would be better.


not only would people who have Kubrow worry less about their Kubrow dying and think more about actually having fun..

but people who don't have kubrow because they think it is a waste of time, would also be more inclinded to get one, either by grinding or spending platinum, which would only benefit you DE


of course, this is just my opinion, so let me know what you think

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