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Hiii! ^^


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Helloo, I'm new, nice to meet you all!


This is the first shooter I'm interesting of.

I like that the game let you be like a ninja with katanas, bows and kunais and the warframes design are really good. But my favorite thing is Ordis.


Well, I'm really,really,really, really... REALLY bad in shooters games. This game let you do a lot of moves while you are attacking or charging and with the keyboard it's imposible for me, my fingers will break for sure lol. 

I need someone that can teach me and train me.

I want to know as much as posible of Warframe's world :3


Thanks for read this post and I hope see you in the missions :D 

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Welcome to the grindfest of 2014~

We Tennos are in it for the rewards the Lotus dangles infront of us~

we are happy to have you within our ranks~

you say that you are bad at shooters but at least you play~

it takes practice and I'm sure you can reduce the amount of "really's"~

thus making you just Really bad lol~

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