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BETA Test feed back #2


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So after my week of playing warframe,I can saftly say that this game does have alot of pontentiona,but today I'm going to dig deeper into some of the problems and the thing's I've noticed in the past week,(some which have been already talked about.)

1.My first grip is a small one since the game does have chat I would like to see some kinda mini speaker come up on the side of your name,or something ndicating that your using the voice chat,so you a;least know it's working.

2.Cosemetics,I would to see in the future cash shop items for diffrent frame skins's,face's,emblems the little stuff to make us stand out from each other.

and if you guy's are planning on getting female's to play maybe come of with some excto sktekton type designs or just gender bend the one's we currently have now,I really like the simple designs your guys come up with maybe some sharp teeth or eyes,ok I'm thinking about Guyver here but I you get the picture.

3.I've read some cool idea's on the forum about having our own player ship's with achievement's and player housing? and I read something about a meta game,were our ship and were shooting at enemies before we get to somewhere.Kinda like Kingdom Of Hearts.

4.More social features Yes I love that I can just jump in and play for a quick hour or two but we need more social features,I said this before and I'll say it again,maybe a persitant lobby,think about PSO

and it doesnt have to be anything huge something where we can socialize.I've read this somewhere on the forum but I like the mothership idea.Maybe we can spar with each other before we go on missions 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4


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