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Warframe Idea


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I know there a bunch of these out there but I just got this idea in my head and it wont go away till I write it somewhere lol.


Name: Seismic

Type: Heavy Bruiser

Look: His body would be covered by armor plates resembling cracked rocks, with a big gauntlet on one of his hands.


1. Boulder toss - removes a big rock from his shoulder throwing it at an enemy knocking them down, and of course dmg.

2. Dig Deep - His armor starts to mold itself into a sleaker looking quartz skin, Increasing his armor and making him extremely heavy so that he cannot be knocked down.

3. Molten Wave - His gauntlet like I say in his 4th ability is like that of a jack hammer, well for this ability the jack hammer part moves so fast that it ends up heating up his arm and he does a punch that pushes out a wave of heat capable of igniting whatever enemy it touches.

4. Seismic Slam - I know this is similar to rhino but comon a rock dude has to have a slam. Anyway my idea for the look is the gauntlet he is wearing works like that of a jack hammer except for this ability its just one big bang instead of a constant knocking I guess.

So what do you all think? I personally think it could be pretty good, granted this Warframe would be pretty melee oriented.

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While it's kinda similar to the Rhino, the overall theme is certainly not.

However, it sounds more like something out of League of Legends or Marvel/DC than what Digital Extremes put in their games :P

Really? So what about Ember, or Volt?

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Ember and Volt tie in. This does not. Both Fire and Lightning were core elements of the darkSector Gameplay, with various elemental puzzles littered throughout the game and boss fights requiring either element on your technocyte glaive to succeed.

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