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Yet Another Secret Room Question (From A T4 Survival)



I was helping a friend farm argon, for which I normally take Nyx equipped with Master Thief and try to bash or "lockpick" any locker I see. For some reason, 3 of us went on the mission, for which the host had picked a T4 survival. Miraculously, we did not get Vor, but I found a room I hadn't seen before and had one question on this room and then a general question on traps and whether you look for them to spawn the more minor treasure rooms (lots of locked lockers, not parkour)

1) This one was set up in a cross shape with 2 or three banks of lockers (plus the entryway) and beds of plants in between the areas where the lockers were. As I entered one of the locker areas, I got that little puff of dust you often get when you're about to set off a trap. Unlocked the locker and suddenly void turrets that I hadn't noticed in the shrubbery started firing. A lot. But two shots with my Dread took them down. Likewise on the other sets of lockers. The wall opposite the entry was suspiciously blank. I checked around, figuring I'd missed something and discovered high up on one wall a single laser generator (so, aiming a beam straight across the room, but from quite high up). It was traveling vertically but not aiming so it would hurt you if you were just standing around. I tried a wall climb after I shot it, but could not figure out if there was something else to do there. I just figure that  many traps plus lasers plus a very tall room with an intricate ceiling had to have more to it. And of course, at that moment our LS ran out.


I know it was extremely stupid to get involved with this in a T4S, but has anyone seen this room before or know what it does?


2) General question: frequently it seems like when you hit a floor trap that activates a laser, disabling the laser/thumper opens up somewhere even if it's just a bunch of lockers. Is this consistent or just more RNG stuff?


Thanks---they're just fun even if all you get is a few more lockers to open, but I like to know I caught everything if ever I find whichever room again.

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Seeing a screenshot would help. The description is not enough to tell us which secret room you are talking about.


Also disabling Dethorbs/lasers/turrets does not open anything. If something does it - it is the pressure plate that activated them

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This room is pretty simple.


There's a large pressure plate in the center, it activates the turrets around it. 

To the left and right are alcoves with lockers. The floor of the alcoves are pressure plates. 

Above the middle locker there is a decoration, which is actually a hole in the wall. It leads to some storage containers and lockers.

Climb the center locker, then wall run up, jump to the opposite wall, run up again, and repeat until you are in the tube.


Ah, if you set off the laser, destroy it. That should be obvious.

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OP is talking about this room:



I'd recommend watching more of Guiltythree's videos on secret rooms across all of the tilesets. Unless you want the satisfaction of finding them yourself... (which you probably won't for a lot of them since if you miss it the first dozen times, you probably will never assume there's one there at all.

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