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Random Crashes War#s Included


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So since around U14 I've been experiencing random crashes quite frequently. I've never had these problems before and all of my drivers,OS are up to date, my PC isn't over heating, and it's getting quite frustrating that I can't even do missions that last longer than ~25 min due to my game frequently crashing. Over about 2 hours of play time i crashed 8 times, either loading into the game, randomly during the game, or when logging in. the war numbers were:


If anyone has any solutions to these crashes, please let me know. The game has become entirely unenjoyable at this point because I can't do any missions that become challenging due to randomly crashing and losing all rewards up to that point.

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It has happened to me to as well folks ever since the Gatecrash Event it just crashes before then this never happened before for me. I know it is nothing that I did because I never changed my resolutions or anything, and that is what I have only decreased because for me it says it is a resolution problem. I really wish Warframe would do something about it. 

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