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  1. Finding ONE person who chooses not to utilize ANY of those things are indeed far and few between. The real problem, which is much more common, is that ONE person chooses not to utilize only ONE of those options. Therefore, we are forced to utilize multiple sources in an attempt to accommodate. The result is that a group of people dont want to use teamspeak, or another group of people dont want to use discord, and another group dont use the warframe or even our own forums, or some people dont use steam. This means we have to broadcast across ALL options in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible. Then I start getting complaints as to why we cant just use ONE thing and make life easier. Even then, we still are unable to get the message out to 100% of our people. Smaller clans dont feel this pain as much. But the more members you have, the more difficult it becomes.
  2. Since the beginning, many of us have been asking for better clan management tools. I have made posts on this over the years, and have voiced my concerns in a few devstream threads. I can understand how these concerns may go unheard, or even ignored, as the majority of the community do not run clans or alliances or are not responsible for event management or clan activities. I can see the percentage of people this actually concerns being less than 1%. But it is us that facilitate the experience for a solid majority of the other 99%. This is no simple task. With that being said, I dread events. Not because of the challenge, but because it highlights and exaggerates all of the troubles we face when attempting to manage and communicate with our people. Id like to get a few things out of the way first: Not everybody uses discord/teamspeak/voice comm Not everybody uses forums Not everybody uses steam Not everybody uses *input random third party software* Not everybody sees the MOTD and is limited in characters The ONE software that we all 100% have in common though.... is Warframe. We should be able to manage our people from within. When clans are capable of housing 1000 people, or alliances with 4000 people, it frustrates me to no end that we dont have better clan management tools. To begin with, we should be able to communicate with all of our members online and offline and not have to worry about who hasnt been reached. The easiest thing to do is make use of the inbox system. If we could send out a mass email to everybody's inbox, then the people offline would see it when they log on. During events, we find ourselves having to repeat ourselves with what feels like thousands of times trying to make sure everybody is current on information. Its like authorized spamming of clan chat. We spend more time attempting to get information out than we do actually playing the mission. We also need an automatic "welcome" message that we can customize to welcome people to the clan/alliance. We spend a lot of time trying to share and explain resources to new members, or stuff all the info into the MOTD. It would make things so much easier for them to receive a message in their inbox with voice chat information, clan forums, steam group, clan rules/expectations, or anything else that would be useful information to a new member. Another issue highlighted during this last event (every event really...) is trying to track who still needed to even do it. Some members didnt even know there was an event going on, but we couldnt even track people beyond the 20 top people in the clan. A large problem was that for this particular event, the statistics for it were missing from everybody's profile. So we couldnt even do it the super long way by checking profiles. A simple solution to this would be to allow us to scroll through, at the very least, our own clan leaderboards. Access to a more detailed log of clan actions would be a huge asset as well. Right now the clan log shows research completed, rooms built, and people joining and leaving the clan. However only portions of the log update. We have log entries showing rooms and research built years ago, but when you remove say... 20 inactive people, it only shows the last 5 or 6 entries while the research entries stay. We should be able to see administrative actions and who did them. Invites, kicks, research, rooms, deletions, etc. Even if it only shows the last 30 days, when you are dealing with thousands of people, these tools are invaluable. Recruitment The process for recruiting has become atrocious. The old recruiting area has become so restricted, and default sorting set on "date created", while the new clan page area is default set on "most members" which literally has nothing to do with how many people are ACTUALLY in the clan. And if it did, how does a ghost clan compete with a moon clan without somebody having to change default sorting? Previously the forum system let the most active or most dedicated clans keep their recruitment posts on the first or second page. The new system tore all that down and left us with this: Active clans used to regularly get daily requests to join from their forum threads. Now depending on your location in the clan list you get as few as 0. The new system seems to just sit static and puts all the requirements of finding a clan on the players. Players, and new players especially are not going to play around with the filters and go further than the first two pages. New players aren't going to know or care about the difference between the clan types or how to use the clan list properly The main thing the change to the new clan view system on the forums accomplished is guaranteeing members for the first clans to set up pages and relegating the rest to the bin. the worst part of this new system is it doesn't link to game at all. Even already joined members now have to find the clan listing and join manually. In game recruiting requires constant active work on the part of the clan with the changes to the forum recruiting this is the only viable way to recruit for clans and it's exhausting. You spam something like "{Fusion Community} Storm Clan | Rank 10 | All research complete | Ingis wraith | 18+ | Newbie friendly | " which is meaningless to new players and is swiftly swallowed by all the matchmaking because again New players won't know how to use the chat filters. Hell most high level players don't know how to use the chat filters. Like anything in recruit chat you end up near spamming this endlessly just to get a few bites which clutters up the recruitment chat and makes it even harder for players that don't understand filters to use recruitment chat in the first place. Excess clutter in recruitment sends normal users to attempt to recruit in region which breaks chat rules, as well as angering the mods because spam. What I'd really like to see is a Clan register in game with nice columns with headings like name, size, rank, research, occupancy that can be moused over for a tooltip explaining what each heading means then being able to sort by column and search so players themselves have an in game way to review clans and send requests to join to those that look interesting to them. Ultimately the recent changes made over the last year alone have tied our hands to the point that most clans will simply die and disappear. This last event should be a huge eye opener. The standard was 50% active, and yet look at how many clans barely even made it. Now we feel like we're being choked because we cannot recruit efficiently. Something has to change. These systems need to be looked at hardcore. This post was written in conjunction with other leadership in the community. I thank everyone for their input.
  3. Since the old recruiting page is default set to "start date" and the clans page is default set to "most members", and without flooding recruitment chat risking moderator attention, what is the most effective way for a medium size or upgrading clan to recruit new members quickly?
  4. This also applies to the rewards selection screen from relics. They no longer show how many are owned.
  5. Can we start doing something about clan/alliance management tools? Like utilizing the inbox message functions to sent out mail to all members? After all these years with clans that hold 1000 people and alliance capacity of 4000 people, we still dont have an IN GAME function that guarantees communication reaches all players, at least when they log in. Super frustrating.
  6. I have experienced this as well. extremely frustrating
  7. As far as the long endless challenges go, there are two things at play here that are, in my opinion, muddying the feedback and make it more convoluted to find a real solution to a problem that may or may not exist. I propose that there is not actually an issue with the challenge. Let me start by saying that yes, for some people the length of the mission is quite long. Some people (like myself) enjoy it, and some dont. For those that dont, fair enough. But leave it at that, skip the mission, and move on. Then there are those who cannot complete the challenge. Thats ok too... keep trying, or leave it at that, skip it and move on. Steve said during the devstream that you need only 60% of the challenges to max out. Therefore there should be no problem skipping a few challenges. However, there are a percentage of people who have to have it NOW NOW NOW or are so stubborn to come across something that their meta build wont carry them through, that they provide false/misguided feedback motivated by the above reasons in an attempt to never have to actually be challenged or feel like they've failed or been "left behind". This is how login rewards were changed, friendly fire was removed, community challenges ended, etc. Really anything that was an ACTUAL challenge no longer exists in this game now because of what i believe to be a large amount of instant self gratification feelings driving the motivation for change. TLDR: Elite challenges should not be changed merely for the reasoning of "its too long" or "its too hard" if it is NOT required to max the system. Players deserve the opportunity to attempt more challenging content in the same way that other players deserve the opportunity to refuse it.
  8. I dont understand completely what this report is saying. Is this an example of a specific user, like an internal profile of a "problematic user's" online behavior? Some of these entries seem very specific that wouldnt make sense as a generalization.
  9. When can we expect better clan management tools? If you are planning on doing more events, then I really think this should be looked at. At the very least, being able to send out a notice using the inbox system would solve many communication problems.
  10. Its a i7-2670QM. The processor itself does contain an intel hd 3000 chipset, but it must be disabled by Asus or something. It doesnt show up in device manager or any hardware or other software/driver options. That was the first thing i looked for back when i bought it. Oh well. On a side note, i turned on dynamic resolution and and it runs steady at 60fps. I havent left the orbiter yet though. Ill try it again later today and see what actual gameplay looks like.
  11. Yeah theres only one gpu on this thing. No dual. I just find it hilarious that he can pull double fps with a macbook air.
  12. Im running a Asus G74sx with a 3gb gtx 560m.... Im running everything on minimum and struggle to keep 30fps (I now have it limited to 30fps so as to not overwork this laptop, also have it on a cooling pad. Heat not an issue really) What in the world am i doing wrong?
  13. You mean like the viper? I only even started using it because i picked up a decent riven for it. Wasnt that the purpose? And now they nerfed it. How does that make sense? I dont think the argument can be made that the viper is a popular weapon.... Some of the changes make sense, and some of them are really bad... all this does is create cycles of popular weapons until the next riven changes. What about the panthera? Hardly a popular weapon. Why nerf that too? The point is to make unpopular weapons more popular.... and then turn around and nerf them and make them unpopular again? I really enjoy both these weapons because they were NOT meta. They both got nerfed and neither of them can be considered anywhere near being classified as a meta-blaster..... and yet the corinth got buffed...
  14. Fusion Community Storm Clan PC Founding Warlord Thanks to Rainmaker (Officer and lead architect), Dragoholic, Auxy, Drasiel, Siinn, Navaris, Thatdamnlobster, and everybody else for funding our beautiful home. Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/t5trN9ymEPAMW99b9 and video:
  15. 2 weapon slots cost 12p 3 riven slots cost 60p and eventually max out at 90 slots. There are a finite amount of weapons. There are an infinite amount of riven combinations. You can easily sell a riven for 12p or more depending on the riven, in the pursuit of purchasing a weapon slot. Dont expect everybody else to be punished for your bad decisions. Weapon slots are a terrible idea no matter how you slice it.
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