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  1. Really getting tired of the VIPER nerfs. Is there some secret viper meta that I dont know about? Only reason I even started using it was because of a riven. Wasnt that the point of this whole system?
  2. Can we start doing something about clan/alliance management tools? Like utilizing the inbox message functions to sent out mail to all members? After all these years with clans that hold 1000 people and alliance capacity of 4000 people, we still dont have an IN GAME function that guarantees communication reaches all players, at least when they log in. Super frustrating.
  3. As far as the long endless challenges go, there are two things at play here that are, in my opinion, muddying the feedback and make it more convoluted to find a real solution to a problem that may or may not exist. I propose that there is not actually an issue with the challenge. Let me start by saying that yes, for some people the length of the mission is quite long. Some people (like myself) enjoy it, and some dont. For those that dont, fair enough. But leave it at that, skip the mission, and move on. Then there are those who cannot complete the challenge. Thats ok too... keep trying, or leave it at that, skip it and move on. Steve said during the devstream that you need only 60% of the challenges to max out. Therefore there should be no problem skipping a few challenges. However, there are a percentage of people who have to have it NOW NOW NOW or are so stubborn to come across something that their meta build wont carry them through, that they provide false/misguided feedback motivated by the above reasons in an attempt to never have to actually be challenged or feel like they've failed or been "left behind". This is how login rewards were changed, friendly fire was removed, community challenges ended, etc. Really anything that was an ACTUAL challenge no longer exists in this game now because of what i believe to be a large amount of instant self gratification feelings driving the motivation for change. TLDR: Elite challenges should not be changed merely for the reasoning of "its too long" or "its too hard" if it is NOT required to max the system. Players deserve the opportunity to attempt more challenging content in the same way that other players deserve the opportunity to refuse it.
  4. I dont understand completely what this report is saying. Is this an example of a specific user, like an internal profile of a "problematic user's" online behavior? Some of these entries seem very specific that wouldnt make sense as a generalization.
  5. When can we expect better clan management tools? If you are planning on doing more events, then I really think this should be looked at. At the very least, being able to send out a notice using the inbox system would solve many communication problems.
  6. Its a i7-2670QM. The processor itself does contain an intel hd 3000 chipset, but it must be disabled by Asus or something. It doesnt show up in device manager or any hardware or other software/driver options. That was the first thing i looked for back when i bought it. Oh well. On a side note, i turned on dynamic resolution and and it runs steady at 60fps. I havent left the orbiter yet though. Ill try it again later today and see what actual gameplay looks like.
  7. Yeah theres only one gpu on this thing. No dual. I just find it hilarious that he can pull double fps with a macbook air.
  8. Im running a Asus G74sx with a 3gb gtx 560m.... Im running everything on minimum and struggle to keep 30fps (I now have it limited to 30fps so as to not overwork this laptop, also have it on a cooling pad. Heat not an issue really) What in the world am i doing wrong?
  9. You mean like the viper? I only even started using it because i picked up a decent riven for it. Wasnt that the purpose? And now they nerfed it. How does that make sense? I dont think the argument can be made that the viper is a popular weapon.... Some of the changes make sense, and some of them are really bad... all this does is create cycles of popular weapons until the next riven changes. What about the panthera? Hardly a popular weapon. Why nerf that too? The point is to make unpopular weapons more popular.... and then turn around and nerf them and make them unpopular again? I really enjoy both these weapons because they were NOT meta. They both got nerfed and neither of them can be considered anywhere near being classified as a meta-blaster..... and yet the corinth got buffed...
  10. Fusion Community Storm Clan PC Founding Warlord Thanks to Rainmaker (Officer and lead architect), Dragoholic, Auxy, Drasiel, Siinn, Navaris, Thatdamnlobster, and everybody else for funding our beautiful home. Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/t5trN9ymEPAMW99b9 and video:
  11. Welcome to the Fusion Community Visit us at https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fusionclanforum/index.php Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/faulcun About Fusion: Fusion is a family oriented group that was established in 2001. It started in a game called Alien vs Predator 2. We now support multiple games across all genres and platforms (pc/xbox/playstation/etc etc). You can see our stronger support for the games listed in our forums. Please note that our members reach into and support Fusion in many more games than what are listed on our site. We are primarily based out of the USA/Canada regions, with a few members located in Europe. We are a dynamic community that listens to its member's suggestions and are constantly refining ourselves. For example, we are always expanding into new games. In our eyes, clans of a single game often die off when the game does, or when the game's community does. This is not the case with Fusion. The idea behind our community is enjoying the company of other members that wont be limited by the lifetime of a single game. Skill has never been a factor in recruitment. We welcome new and experienced players alike. We feel that attitude far outweighs player skill. Subsequently we have very skilled players not only in Warframe, but across everything we play. Our members believe in helping each other and we strive to better ourselves in game and out. In our forums, members will find extensive guides written by other members explaining concepts and strategies in areas they may specialize in. Fusion and Warframe: In Warframe, the original clan started as Children of the Lotus. COTL has since merged with, and became Fusion. We take active rolls in completing special events, void/derelict, alerts, and farming for whatever. We also like to make sure anybody else is taken care of who is still in need of help. We are also the current leaders of the Eclipse Alliance. We are very active in supporting our alliance and are always looking for enthusiastic members to take part in the Dark Sectors. However, it must be said that we do not accept poor attitudes, nor does our alliance. We conduct ourselves with honor and we expect all of our members to act accordingly. Not only do you represent us, but you now represent the whole alliance. What Fusion Has to Offer: - 24hr Private TeamSpeak 3 server for our members only - 24hr Private Minecraft server for our members only - Clan forum containing sections for Riven Trading, builds, and other information useful to players - A complete dojo with full research including tile sets and rooms no longer available to most clans - Skilled players, casual players, and hardcore gamers to play with - A variety of support for multiple games - A good natured community that places focus on good attitudes and camaraderie We try to keep the age at 18+, but of course exceptions can be made! We encourage you to contact us anyways! VOICE CHAT: A lot of people have asked about voice chat being mandatory or not, so ill address that here. Voice chat is NOT mandatory and completely up to you to participate or not. But lets face it... clan structure, management, and organization in warframe is almost non-existent. Text in clan chat can easily go unnoticed, invitations to missions get missed until people get out of their current missions and remember to look, there is no way to quickly notify people about changing information or alerts, etc etc. Ultimately the experience can feel like nobody is paying attention to you when you need help or have questions, which is definitely not the case. So we do encourage at least listening in on voice chat because its the best way to get involved in clan activities, find help or information, and get to know the people you are playing with. It is up to YOU to get involved with everybody. Our goal is to bring people together, but we would never force somebody to do something they ultimately dont want to do. Specifically in the warframe section, we do remove members who have not logged in for more than 30 days who have not given prior notice of an absence, and New Recruits are removed after 20 days of inactivity. I dont like to clutter the clan with inactive people. This means that the solid majority of players in our clan are active. Still interested in joining? Leave a message here, or contact me in private. We encourage you to check our forums for information as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly either on steam (just search for my name) or post them here! Thank you for giving us your time
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