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  1. When can we expect better clan management tools? If you are planning on doing more events, then I really think this should be looked at. At the very least, being able to send out a notice using the inbox system would solve many communication problems.
  2. Its a i7-2670QM. The processor itself does contain an intel hd 3000 chipset, but it must be disabled by Asus or something. It doesnt show up in device manager or any hardware or other software/driver options. That was the first thing i looked for back when i bought it. Oh well. On a side note, i turned on dynamic resolution and and it runs steady at 60fps. I havent left the orbiter yet though. Ill try it again later today and see what actual gameplay looks like.
  3. Yeah theres only one gpu on this thing. No dual. I just find it hilarious that he can pull double fps with a macbook air.
  4. Im running a Asus G74sx with a 3gb gtx 560m.... Im running everything on minimum and struggle to keep 30fps (I now have it limited to 30fps so as to not overwork this laptop, also have it on a cooling pad. Heat not an issue really) What in the world am i doing wrong?
  5. You mean like the viper? I only even started using it because i picked up a decent riven for it. Wasnt that the purpose? And now they nerfed it. How does that make sense? I dont think the argument can be made that the viper is a popular weapon.... Some of the changes make sense, and some of them are really bad... all this does is create cycles of popular weapons until the next riven changes. What about the panthera? Hardly a popular weapon. Why nerf that too? The point is to make unpopular weapons more popular.... and then turn around and nerf them and make them unpopular again? I really enjoy both these weapons because they were NOT meta. They both got nerfed and neither of them can be considered anywhere near being classified as a meta-blaster..... and yet the corinth got buffed...
  6. Fusion Community Storm Clan PC Founding Warlord Thanks to Rainmaker (Officer and lead architect), Dragoholic, Auxy, Drasiel, Siinn, Navaris, Thatdamnlobster, and everybody else for funding our beautiful home. Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/t5trN9ymEPAMW99b9 and video:
  7. 2 weapon slots cost 12p 3 riven slots cost 60p and eventually max out at 90 slots. There are a finite amount of weapons. There are an infinite amount of riven combinations. You can easily sell a riven for 12p or more depending on the riven, in the pursuit of purchasing a weapon slot. Dont expect everybody else to be punished for your bad decisions. Weapon slots are a terrible idea no matter how you slice it.
  8. I disagree. And weapon slots are a joke at 1000+ days. You should change them to riven slots that will increase capacity above the max limit of 90.
  9. Will we be seeing a normal update today as well?
  10. oh..... well then by all means! Throw tantrums in the forums instead!
  11. Really guys..... you should at least check latest staff replies before posting/replying statements like that.
  12. I am A-OK with fixing this game above content releases
  13. Also, how do we identify if our clan is actually open for recruiting or not?
  14. Formatting in description is completely borked right now. Everything is jumbled into a giant wall of text Also, what he said ^ and links dont work in description either
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