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  1. You dont start a counter argument by saying something is 100% false, and then admit that the base argument IS in fact true. That creates doubt and can almost invalidate the counter argument or diminish any actual point made. One would then wonder if you knew what you were talking about. And yes, im well aware of what can be done pre, and post changes of scarlet spear. I have close to 5000 hours of mission time over 8 years. I assure you, ive spent some time playing this game. This conversation started off on one particular topic, and changed to an overall grasp of what two systems do
  2. The whole system is ridiculous. They effectively destroyed recruiting in forums for anybody but the groups with the most members. Before this system our clan was constantly full and we were contemplating increasing our clan size. After the system change and the strict rules on forum recruiting posts, we barely see 50% activity and are contemplating reducing clan tier.
  3. LOL we've been saying that for the last 7 years. Ultimately veteran content doesnt make them money so they dont focus on it.
  4. Just because you CAN doesnt mean you NEED to. The railjack doesnt take enough damage for any of that to matter. The ONLY time you HAVE to do anything repair wise is on a critical breach, and a GOOD pilot doesnt get boarded so damage to the engines is a non concern. Unless you are spamming powers and weapons and blow all your resources, there is no need for engineering at all. And even if you did, you can teleport to engineering and do it faster than telling somebody to go do it. Archwings dont have any of this because archwings dont need any of this. They are two different things that do
  5. No, I dont mind archwings at all or their missions. We have an interstellar combat vessel thats meant to have a manned crew to operate and warframes with wings strapped to their backs. There should be a larger gap between the roles a railjack plays vs the archwings. Right now, they both do the exact same thing. even if the railjack takes damage, You essentially dont have to do anything until there is a critical breach. A good pilot doesnt get boarded anyways. The crew can literally stand around if they wanted to and would have no bearing on mission success. Im looking for larg
  6. Key words being "when properly configured". Im saying railjacks should be twice as fast, if not more, right out of the gate with no configuration. Archwing weapons are just as powerful as railjack weapons. My velocitus one shots all the enemies in the veil same as a railjack since the enemy nerf. The only difference is in railjack powers. Other archwing weapons are more than effective as well "when properly configured". So yeah, why hang out on a railjack compensating for movement while the pilot is flying around when you can jump out and do the job easier in your archwing. This i
  7. He did it in 22s WITH cruising speed avionic. I specifically mentioned without that mod because its useless while you are in battle. Either way.... even if the railjack was 20s faster, or 30s faster, its still not enough to warrant staying on the railjack and helping with whatever objective its doing. There is no reason to not hop in the slingshot and launch yourself toward the next objective and go do it on your own. Which brings everything back to..... whats the point of the railjack? Now thats different. How far away is the anomaly? 50k? In this situation the railjack is nothin
  8. 10/10/10/10 intrinsics. Maxed vidar engines, maxed avionics, maxed archwings with maxed mods. Ive been around as long as you have. A railjacks speed does not massively outperform. Read the rest of the thread. I stated that I was technically wrong about the speed. However, not by much. Gun for gun, archguns do the job just as fast especially after the nerf to the enemies post scarlet spear. The only real difference is in railjack powers (battle avionics) as i stated in my original post. Is it? Do we need two things that perform similar? A crewed ship that only marginally outperform
  9. My point was that a rail jack should be faster all the time, not under certain conditions like not having enemies around. For example, maybe i dont want to spend the first half of the mission finger farting around with enemies. Maybe I want to boogie over to one of the objectives, and then deal with enemies while an away team handles the inside objective. Yeah, I know they can do that right from the start..... and thats kinda my point. There is no real reason to choose one over the other, you can do both, and neither have any impact on the mission. So whats the point of the railjack?
  10. I want to confirm you are NOT using cruising speed avionic, or flow burn?
  11. Ill test this tonight. If i can repeat, im happy to admit. Although, I think the issue is closer to what @EvilCloveris describing above.
  12. Like I said, if im wrong, im wrong and ill concede. Perhaps i missed something in an update between scarlet spear and now. I havnt messed with it since the immediate changes post event. But lets take it off paper, and do some testing. The last thing I want is to suggest changes that the game doesnt need.
  13. What you are referring to is boost combined with dodge. My buttons are separate. I simply have to boost, then press dodge, which charges a forward boost release on top moving faster. I am no virgin pilot. IF you arent running cruising speed avionic, Im pretty sure i can blink through space with my archwing faster than you no matter your railjack build. And then IF you are running it, and there happens to be enemies around, you dont have the freedom to do what you want anyways. Look, we can sit here and argue about it, but im happy to go in game and do some more testing with you.
  14. What is a railjack? What is it meant to do? You guys really need to figure that out. Since the changes post event, archwings outperform railjacks in speed and combat unless you are nuking the map with void hole or something. You created a flight/space simulator, then nerfed the most important aspects: Speed, mobility, and endurance to utilize both. I should not have to add a special avionic just to go faster when no enemies are around. Thats ridiculous. If I build it for speed, then i want to go fast..... not go fast sometimes. I think you guys need to roll back some of the chan
  15. Faulcun

    MR 30 Test

    Theres nobody or anything to recognize that except you, not that it matters anyways. Its the same concept as the rift sigil. We worked hard on a decently challenging mission at the time to earn that sigil. Then they basically gave it away on two other occasions. Our work in earning it has value, but the sigil itself, and the MR30 have no value. I believe it all stems from their "everybody gets a trophy" position they've taken over the years. But that discussion will get this thread closed.
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