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  1. Sorry bro, no MLG skills here. You are gonna have to nerf yourself down to our peasant level 😝
  2. Before I hit 1000 days, i logged in and did something every day. The days i missed were less than 5. Once I hit 1000 days. I stopped paying attention to it cause there was nothing worth paying attention to. Honestly im probably a month or two behind now. I just make a point to do it now cause the time on the boosters make me laugh
  3. yeah im close to three days on mine. 68hrs i think last time i saw one. Exceeding 3 days is my goal. Whats more annoying is one day ill reach 2000 days login... and nothing.
  4. I as well do not like the current blast proc. I much prefer the old knockdown aspect. I had a sweeper build that was awesome for crowd control even at very high level. Its completely useless now.
  5. Oh I agree to an extent. But bumping into something, and getting thrown out of the map are two totally different things. The first being a player issue, the second being a DE issue lol. I honestly dont believe our perspective view changes the way our meshes and models interact with the physical environment. Even so, honestly i could probably count less than 10 times ive had to use the unstuck command since it was a thing. Its extremely rare that i have to use it. However, I know other people who have to use it all the time. This leads me to believe it might be more play style oriented that these interactions even occur. On this, we can agree 100% And now we've reached an understanding :) We may not agree completely all the time, but we agree that it is worth doing at some point in some capacity. And thats common ground!
  6. Warframe in particular, player retention is more detrimental than any other game simply due to the nature of a free to play business model. Let me clarify though, that I have not suggested that first person view is the most important thing to fix it. Far from it, actually. However that doesnt mean its not something to be considered. Especially when what we're asking for can be implemented as an experimental starting point that can be tried by players and provide feedback for passive development. Any avenue is worth considering if it means engaging or reengaging with your playerbase, especially when talking about something that lays on the simpler side of implementation. I cant speak to getting stuck on stuff. Its extremely rare for me to experience that regardless of view perspective. I strongly believe this is more of a player issue and not a perceived view issue. Ive been engaging in this thread, along with other people. Videos have been posted, ideas have been shared, points, counter points, counter counter points, etc etc. This is healthy conversation. What is not, is having to rehash the entire discussion for one person who refuses to read it. From an outside reader, it can appear to be going in circles and is a quick way to get a thread shut down with the excuse of "its run its course". Im sorry you are late to the party here, but if you want to engage or have a discussion, you should read through the topic especially while the pages are minimal, and contribute accordingly. All of this is conjecture, from both of us really. Though it is reasonable to assume some truth in these statements as ive witnessed others expressing these very things over the years. However, I think a much larger issue now, is the massive size of content. For 8 years DE's plan has been to pump out content to retain players. Well now we have this massive game with so much content, its overwhelming for new and returning players. The very thing that keeps them alive is the very thing im hearing lately about players reluctant to return. I suggest a simple concept of a change of view perspective might be something some would consider returning to try, making use of the massive amount of content there is to explore. I agree 100%. But its still in the best interest of my argument to quote DE directly, as the ultimate minds i need to convince is theirs. Of course, this whole thread will probably be ignored in the end, but what can you do? Ill stick to it for what its worth. In the end, im not the one making millions of dollars.
  7. Ok , here we go. First, @Klokwerkaos and @LillyRaccune I suggest you watch this documentary so you understand what DE's mission is, their history, and the real struggle that i am not, nor have I ever suggested does not exist for them. I will be referencing this heavily. I didnt attack you, and no offense was intended. Perhaps in not so many words, I was pointing out that you were speaking from a position of opinion as if it were the gospel truth. Your very first statement to your argument started with " if you're playing the game right". Well, according to who, exactly? Who is to say how I play, or anybody else for that matter is right or wrong? You cant speak to that, nor anybody else, which also deflates the second half of your leading statement "you're zipping around way too fast for 1st person to ever make sense". Again, according to who? The ONLY person you can definitively speak for in that regard is you. Which is why I said, its a YOU problem. You then proceeded to use your first statements of projected opinion to qualify your direct opinion, followed by empty rhetoric. One could easily make the statement "just because someone on the internet thinks its a bad idea does not make it a bad idea." with as equal weight as your original. The obvious answer here is, there is no wrong way to play, or enjoy the game. Ill be the first person to admit when ive made a mistake, but i believe stemming from this basic principle, ive been speaking here from how I perceive the game, and for those who share my own opinions on this matter as a minority voice in this topic. How you view the game, or how I view the game, or anybody else, is nothing more than a matter of different experiences. From that perspective, we can share our experiences in the hopes of allowing others to understand how we came to our opinions in the first place. With that being said, I didnt start this thread to only have a conversation with you alone. I do not believe it is realistic to have my entire point of view expressed entirely in the first post. The point of forums, and the point of this thread is to have a discussion about the subject at hand. People will make points, and counter points. It is through discussion that we can come to an understanding regardless if we agree or not. Therefore, I feel its extremely disrespectful to jump into a thread, and demand that I engage with you and rehash this entire thread just for you as if your point hasnt already been made by somebody else, all because you cant be bothered to read the discussion that is merely 4 pages in the making. Now, if it were 400 pages long? Then yeah, you make your opinion known for people reading who matter (IE: DE) without the expectation of engagement. Thats not what you did here. Moving on. I will dispute. Messy or not, some players are willing to trade some things for what they perceive to be a more genuine experience, as quoted above from page 3. This genuine experience is the most important thing keeping players coming back, which is what DE is most concerned with. Again, im speaking for myself, and the perceived minority of people (although this thread has had more positive support than negative from those engaging with it) who have expressed the same desire, some of which can been seen in this very thread. Also, since you are calling me out for evidence, I would just like to point out https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 From the above link, you can see that Warframe in steam reached an all time peak of 181,509 users online at any given moment. Ever. Which also happens to be this years tennocon that that happened. The average over the last two years, per month, fluctuate from 35,000-50,000 players at any given time. Now I understand this is just steam, and doesnt include pc users not using steam. I would like to argue that PC probably has the majority online over compared console numbers. But I cant prove that. So, to be fair, lets just use these numbers for each platform. Really I think peak numbers are the most interesting. Lets go overboard and consider all time peak players as average monthly for each platform. Thats 726,036 players online at any given time across all platforms. Hell, maybe we forgot some people. Lets really inflate it and bump it up to a cool 1mil just to make sure we got everybody. Reality is... the numbers are actually far less, right? According to this site: https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/warframe-player-count As of March, 2019, warframe had 50 million registered users across all platforms, not 1 million. Im sure we can both agree that number should have risen since 2019, but we can work with 2019 numbers either way because i have no idea what the new count is in July, 2021. I can show my work here, but the answer is.... reliable 2% player retention. And thats with our GENEROUS number inflation. If you watched the documentary as I suggested, you should agree that the name of the game.... is player retention. Again, as ive said in other posts in this thread, I feel it would be foolish at this point to dismiss or not even consider a feature that has been requested since 2013. This is exactly how to make a point, maybe not to you, but to DE. In the documentary part 2, Rebecca spelled it out perfectly, making my statement immensely powerful and i didnt even know it. She speaks very detailed about players being bored. The fact of the matter is, im a veteran player, speaking for a minority opinion group, who has expressed bordem, and also expressed the passion of experiencing this game in a different way, and then expressed what that way is... is exactly what DE needs to see and hear from other players. Never said 100. I specifically stated a dozen. You can call them all personal friends. Either way, some are in our clan. We are a multi gaming clan so not everybody plays the same games. Some of them are not in my clan, and are real life friends. Either way, you are welcome to come on discord and chat with some of them if you are that interested. I assure you, its a real thing. Some of them prefer to play destiny specifically because of this. And even though content releases are non-existent for that game, they still refuse to play warframe because of third person. All I can do is share my personal experience with these people. Honestly, Ive been working on this response for hours... and i really dont feel like making a list of threads from all the way back to 2013. I dont know for a fact if there is a new thread every other month. I know somebody else responded in this thread with a link to their thread they started about this topic just recently. I know ive been around since august 2013, and ive seen many, many..... many threads about this very subject over the years. Can we just agree that this has been a requested feature since 2013? Im addressing both quotes here. When DE first launched a demo of warframe, they had a studio of ~250 people, but only around a dozen actually worked on the demo. The studio at the time stayed alive by contracting work for other games while a very small team focused on warframe. They had 1 year to make a sustainable product. One major milestone was the launching of warframe on steam. This exposure was what enabled warframe to sustain the entire studio, and not just the tiny team working on warframe. In Oct 2014, DE was majority bought out for $74mil. This allowed for the entire studio to expand and gradually start focusing on warframe solely. In the documentary, DE expressed that they are well aware of what it takes to keep players here. Most importantly new content. They also understand that they have to both fix their content, and create new content at the same time. As Ive shown earlier, the name of the game is player retention. While my numbers are rudimentary at best, we can safely assume DE is constantly crunching the numbers. As of right now, they have 300+ employees focused on only warframe. They do not do any contract work anymore. Quoting Scott from the documentary: We can say for sure, this topic is recurring. As such, my argument in 2021 is that it deserves consideration at the very least. Currently DE is working on two major projects that we know of, according to tennocon. Crossplay, and the new war. So yes, I do believe DE has the manpower to implement this feature without breaking their efforts on major content. I also believe ability, or inability to release unbroken content really has no factor here. If you guys would read through the rest of the thread, you would see that nobody is asking for this full on perfect version of this mode right away. We are simply asking for a starting point, and to even be worked on passively. I believe what we are asking for falls in line of their mission statement. I believe what we are asking for could potentially tap into a new playerbase, however small it may be. We dont actually know for sure. Even if it only brought back old players for a new experience, it would be foolish not to consider. I encourage you to read the rest of the thread. And Ill quote myself now:
  8. Thats a YOU problem, not a ME problem. I enjoy fast paced gaming, even at levels that you deem unreasonable for yourself. There is 4 pages here of others and myself explaining why we want this, and proving that it can be done. But Ill shorten it up: Third person view detaches us from the game, environment, and interaction. First person view increases our immersion to a more personal level. This is what we desire. After having played this game for almost a decade, and 5000 hours, myself and others are bored with the same old thing, and want to experience this game in a different way. We know of people who refuse to play this game at all simply because it is not first person view. Now that Warframe is expanding to mobile devices, I think one of the few other ways to reach new players is to consider changing some things for reasons they may not want to play in the first place; first person view being an easy place to start. New players = new income generation for warframe. People have been asking for first person view for 8+ years. There is a new thread on this every other month. It does not affect the way YOU play the game. Its a simple personal choice to use it in the first place. After the success DE has had with this game so far, notably increasing the size of their development team as they have progressed, they clearly have the manpower to do this without taking attention away from major projects. The most important out of all of that is we want a deeper connection and engagement with the environment in warframe. End of the day, thats what its about. The happier players are, the more they play, the more friends they tell about it, the more players come back.
  9. This is amazing! Thank you for posting this. Here is a review from somebody who plays. I just did a simple search on youtube.
  10. It would appear this thread has more positive support than negative. If PvP can be a thing, I dont see any reason why we cant work on FPP a little at a time. Seriously, theres no reason not to explore the topic when they clearly have the development team power now. Like I get it.... 8 or 6 years ago. That wasnt the time to make drastic alterations or build new systems for a limited audience. But now, they have the manpower. They even stated during tennocon that no system is safe. I think once the new war is out and done, this is the perfect time to work on something to further maximize playerbase potential. I dont want to screenshot my discord, but I do want to quote a small section that is relevant. This was on july 18 Like I said, for every one person online with a point of view, there are 1000 people who feel the same way. Not all of them are vocal. Granted we're still a minority in this case, but this topic keeps coming up every couple months for the last 8 years. Maybe DE will just ignore all this, and thats fine. Wouldnt be the first time Ive disagreed with one of their policies or stances. But there is already a large amount of people who want this, and a large amount of people like yourself who dont and would rather DE not waste their time on something you deem unimportant or useless. But theres probably even more people than both those groups who are indifferent one way or the other. Some might try it and like it, some wont. Personally I can deal with third person view either way. I can play just the same. Hell, I spent thousands of hours in mass effect 3 mp. But the detachment from the character, and the lowered immersion is very real, including warframe. Im linking FPP to the entire game itself. For a lot of people, feeling like things are happening to you is more desirable. Honestly it becomes a completely new game because its a new perspective. Enemies are aiming at you, instead of just your warframe. Npcs are talking to you, and not just your warframe. I dont know how else to explain how a simple perspective change drastically increases the level of immersion, which translates to the entire game itself. Isnt that the whole point of VR? You can play minecraft without VR, and then you can play minecraft with VR and all of a sudden people are freaking out about stepping over a ledge. The game hasnt changed, just the level of immersion. I mean you are already in FPP in minecraft... and when you step over a ledge, you already have it in the back of your mind not to fall because YOU dont want to fall. And then VR takes that to the next level. TPP<FPP<VR Maybe in 5 more years ill try to make the case for VR. Either way, Warframe will have to keep innovating to stay relevant. New features, new systems, new content, new ways to experience the game. Staying limited in scope will eventually grow stale.
  11. You are correct about one thing. We probably will never agree on this. Fortunately we dont have to. Im not actually arguing your points to convince you of anything really. Im arguing your points to provide counter perspective for anybody at DE who might be reading. DE has a few things to gain, actually. Most immediately, is a portion of a playerbase that CLEARLY refuses to play this game specifically because it is NOT first person. If i can personally list off a dozen people who feel this way, there has to be tens of thousands of people who share the same sentiment. We all know DE's development has always been set around encouraging platinum purchases from new player positions because im willing to bet platinum purchases from veteran slow down greatly late game. People either stop playing the game, or have obtained enough prime parts or content to simply trade for platinum. And of course the people spending that platinum are the newer players trying to obtain content held by primarily veteran players in the first place. If you engage with a new playerbase, you gain platinum purchases immediately. On the long term scale, it gives DE the opportunity to polish their own skills and increase further as a development team. Warframe itself seems to be a jack of all trades game. They've already incorporated multiple kinds of systems from other games into their own. Its only logical for them to build upon it further, especially in a direction that has been requested for years already. Yeah but for how long? The nature of this free to play game forces DE to constantly provide content updates. This new corpus/grineer quest is a... different way to experience a quest, not the entire game. Will we always be able to play as these characters? Probably not. And just like every other content update, including the last one with sisters of parvos, people will blow through the content in a week or two and stop logging in until the next content release. I see this in our own clan and i know for a fact we arent the only ones. One merely needs to ask in discord for people's opinions. Well, "improve" is subjective. An improvement is a matter of opinion and not guaranteed. It will however CHANGE the experience for the player. I personally view that change as an improvement. Aside from what ive already explained in my last posts, ill try to give some insight from a first person perspective in regards to the world created for us to play in. How big is a bombard? We know a bombard or heavy gunner is taller than a warframe. We can clearly see that from third person. But the experience would be completely different to have one of them standing in front of you about to end your existence while you are looking up at them towering over you. You dont get this point of view right now. Our interactions within the environment are somewhat numbed in third person. Ive always said eidolons need to be bigger.... like 50% taller. But do they really? The scale is so messed up that when they first introduced eidolons, they showed a scale of the warframe vs the actual eidolons side by side with a clear difference. But in third person you dont really get that feeling. The scale of the environment itself is different. Even in our orbiter, the environment feels small because not only does there have to be room for your warframe, but room for the camera. I want to look my operator in the face and see my operator look me back in the face, not watch my warframe and operator look at each other. Bottom line, it is a completely different game when you feel like things are happening to YOU, and not something you are merely controlling. This is what we are asking for. Sound, not hit markers, is the primary indicator. Warframes sound system is perfectly fine for first person view. In fact, most of everything already exists. I think players just dont utilize the many indications that are given to us because we really dont need to right now. Either way, id rather try it. IF its terrible, id be the first person to admit it doesnt work.
  12. I think I would rather see them give us a menu option labeled experimental that unlocks it in the view rotation. If you think about it, the over left shoulder view is already on the same level as what we're asking. I dont know of anybody who even uses that view except for myself under very specific conditions. The biggest problem with that view is that you still shoot from the right hand. Either way, including it in the view rotation in this way I feel would be the least annoying for anybody who doesnt want to try it
  13. I cant argue to a lot of your points because i am not a developer. I dont do 3d animations, ive never built a video game before, and i dont make millions of dollars a year because of a software idea. I do, however, have years of experience modding and map making using the unreal engine and lithtech engine. I have years of experience playing extremely fast paced competitive shooters at above average skill levels (not trying to toot my own horn). Because of my experience, i have a very clear image in my head as to what the experience might be like with a simple repositioning of the camera, and a very realistic idea as to what the game would generally be like in FPP. I can absolutely say, that a lot of your argument on what the experience might be like, even as a "mess" as you've put it, is majority a lack of player skill level. Now let me clarify that last statement before people jump down my throat and call me an elitist. Im not suggesting people just need to "git gud". Im suggesting that some, if not most, of the concepts that you are describing in scenarios are undeveloped skills and traits that players have not had the opportunity to learn even over the last 20 years because they are rare experiences themselves in games in general. Maybe Left4Dead could be a good example of some of the scenarios you are describing. That is a first person hoard shooter, while not being anywhere on the same level of movement system in warframe, does have constant distractions and attacks from every conceivable angles and locations. If you arent just doing speed runs, you have to be extremely self aware of your surroundings, and constantly listening for any signs of danger. I think introducing these concepts into a game like this would be a positive improvement, not only for the game itself, but for this generation of gamers as a whole. We've settled on a lot of companies dishing out sub par products. Our expectations have been lowered so far, we cant even see the bar above our heads anymore. I think its time we expect more out of our experiences in an industry we probably spend 25% of our life devoting our hours to. Warframe itself is a mashup of concepts from multiple games across genres. However, I believe DE and warframe have reached a point where warframe can set an example for other development teams out there. In this way, again, i think it would be foolish not to even explore the option of expanding the way players can potentially experience their product.
  14. That statement was in reference to when you said it SHOULD NOT be done because it will come at the expense of other work they could be doing. I used cross play as an example of something I would argue should not be done, for various reasons i wont get in to so we dont derail this thread. I never suggested one was easier to implement than the other. As others have suggested, and pointed out, currently the camera position is fixed over the shoulder. the animation of the model and camera position is unrelated to each other. It is very possible to simply move the camera position inside the head as a fixed location because the model itself is positioned in a fixed location regardless of the animation. This would be extremely experimental, and half assed... but thats all we're asking for, is a starting point. I truly dont see any harm in that.
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