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  1. When are you going to fix the terrible state of recruiting and clan/alliance management tools?
  2. I think things like this should be baked into mastery rank
  3. Id like to see all around better clan management tools. Something like an auto inbox message for new members where we can detail information like website, discord, forums, etc. Basically who to contact for issues, help, and any other important clan information. We need a system to communicate to all members, regardless of online or offline. Clan leaders being able to put out an inbox message to all members should have been a thing years ago. Youve made database increases for rivens and other things, lets do it for clan management tools.
  4. As far as the recruitment part goes, there are quite a few of us across multiple clans and alliances who would love to sit down with somebody and go over the problems and potential solutions
  5. Recruiting right now is a huge problem. I did not like the clan system here anyways, but this is still a huge issue. Help us help you by making it easier for us to engage with your playerbase.
  6. You must be MR30 in order to attempt MR10 test
  7. You are totally correct about this. I had a total brain fart. My melee and secondary fire are my mouse 4 and 5. I was recalling from muscle memory when the melee button was all i needed to worry about. Dont know what i was thinking.... glaive prime has been in my loadout since it was released 🙄
  8. Yes, my secondary fire, and heavy melee are on separate buttons. So you are saying that when the buttons are separate, it allows for tap melee to explode/recall? Why would that matter in design? or is it an oversight? because heavy attack does nothing when thrown by melee hold
  9. ok the point is, there is a drastic difference between the way the glaive functions depending on whether you are duel wielding or not. DE needs to make it consistent across the board.
  10. Its actually more ridiculous than that. I hate it when they touch the glaive. They always make it more complicated than it needs to be. This is whats going on; While you are duel wielding, tapping the melee button again while glaive is in flight will cause it to explode and return. If you are in melee only mode, OR quick attack/throw with primary equipped, you must press the heavy attack button to explode/recall the glaive. Ultimately I wish they would just leave the melee button as a explode/recall function for the glaive universally for any thrown weapon. You cant
  11. You dont start a counter argument by saying something is 100% false, and then admit that the base argument IS in fact true. That creates doubt and can almost invalidate the counter argument or diminish any actual point made. One would then wonder if you knew what you were talking about. And yes, im well aware of what can be done pre, and post changes of scarlet spear. I have close to 5000 hours of mission time over 8 years. I assure you, ive spent some time playing this game. This conversation started off on one particular topic, and changed to an overall grasp of what two systems do
  12. LOL we've been saying that for the last 7 years. Ultimately veteran content doesnt make them money so they dont focus on it.
  13. What is a railjack? What is it meant to do? You guys really need to figure that out. Since the changes post event, archwings outperform railjacks in speed and combat unless you are nuking the map with void hole or something. You created a flight/space simulator, then nerfed the most important aspects: Speed, mobility, and endurance to utilize both. I should not have to add a special avionic just to go faster when no enemies are around. Thats ridiculous. If I build it for speed, then i want to go fast..... not go fast sometimes. I think you guys need to roll back some of the chan
  14. Welcome to the Fusion Community Visit us at https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fusionclanforum/index.php Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/BEZz9pm About Fusion: Fusion is a family oriented group that was established in 2001. It started in a game called Alien vs Predator 2. We now support multiple games across all genres and platforms (pc/xbox/playstation/etc etc). You can see our stronger support for the games listed in our forums. Please note that our members reach into and support Fusion in many more games than what are listed on our site. We are pr
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