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  1. Yeah, probably. This fragile generation of gamers would break the internet if that happened.
  2. I think the real solution here is to turn on self damage and friendly fire for everything.
  3. ah yes i forgot about the procedural rewards. I still think they should be added as a cred purchase. Maybe one for 50 cred or something.
  4. Im all for people taking responsibility for their actions, or lack of. However, you are missing my point... which is that the demand for forma has increased, while the supply of forma has decreased. Allow me to explain again. In the old system, 4 people ran 4 separate tower keys in an attempt to acquire a prime part, known as a keyshare. You could have potentially acquired 4 forma having only burned one personal key. The system now, requires you to burn a relic every time you need something... let alone 4 forma. This source has clearly become more expensive with less return. Plus you have 3 core game systems that are dependent on the relic system: Mastery, upgrades, void trader. All three require heavy investment and can make the choice of reward very hard. The only relics that are exempt from the above are the new requiem relics which are redundant since the rare reward can be obtained from the syndicate system. One possible solution is to replace weapon exilus with forma on those relics. Forma also used to be in alerts . I could set my phone, and get an alert when a forma popped up. All I had to do was log on and get it. Alerts have since been replaced with the nightwave system. Not only are alerts gone, but forma was removed from the nightwave rewards as well. This source is obviously gone, so at this point, its fair to say the supply has been reduced. Add in the new kuva weapons, which are a huge forma investment, weapon exilus/umbral forma/aura forma all requiring 1/2 forma to build, it should be fair to say that the demand for forma has increased. All OP is saying is that it needs to be looked at, and i think there is enough evidence to say that thats reasonable.
  5. before these kuva weapons, i was sitting on 100+ bps, and maintained 30 built forma. Any veteran knows where the majority of them came from. The old tower keys didnt give you a choice of reward, but you could farm the crap out of the endless missions. You got what you got, and running 1hr+ survivals on T3/T4 keys would reward you with a handful of forma on 1 key. That system has changed now to the new relic system. Granted you have a choice in the reward, but between the need for ducats, and prime parts for anybody who isnt a veteran... forma can easily be passed up for the rarer items. At the very least, I think forma should be in nightwave rewards alongside the reactors and catalysts.
  6. The objective of the mission also isnt "activate your lich and ignore it with no consequence". This particular instance aside, under normal circumstances you assume the consequences when you activate a new lich. I agree that not everything should be open to theft, but the player has to take SOME responsibility in the risk. Its a minor inconvenience at best, especially for a completely cosmetic item. Yeah it sucks.... but at least its easily retrieved.
  7. I wouldnt mind seeing a screenshot of his lich screen
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