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2 Ui Bugs In The Mod Screen:


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1) If I select one mod, in one tab, then switch to another tab and select another mod. But I want to fuse, so now in the second tab I unslect the selected mod and hit fusion. The mod screen locks up and I have to force quit the client.


In more detail:


I select Serration under primary and switch to pistol tab. I select Barrel Diffusion. I wanted to fuse the but I can't because I have selected two mods. I unclick barrel diffusion and then click "Fusion". Now the screen is locked up. By locked up I mean I can move the mouse and hover over some things but clicking on menus does not work.



2) When I filter out max level mods, it does not just hide them, it acts as if they are not even there. When fusing and clicking on "Use fusion cores" button, it does not use the hidden fusion cores. All fusion cores are max level. I usually filter out maxed mods (thank you soooo much for this feature) so that I don't need to see hundreds of mods. I can't even add them manualy since I can't see them. I have to turn of the filter and then turn it back on. Please make the button "Use fusion core" ignore filters.


Thanks. I honestly loved it when I could see the full mod rather than just the name. As an aside, I've come to associate the mods wth their image rather than the name and now I don't know what any of the mods do unless I hover over them. I have to go through each one, hover over it to see what the bonus stat is when outfitting my gear. Obviously with time I'm getting familiar with the names now. The same is true for new players of course "HEy I got a new mod, oh there's it's name, gotta hover over it to see what it does". That's kine of lame. I'd like to see mod bonus if possible right away without hovering over it.

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