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Vpu Recover


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I start game and play it for 5 mins and then it frezes for 2-3 secs and i get Vpu recover saying graphics accelerator was not responding...
Problem is that i only get that error while playing warframe only...

I tried blowing dust off my computer..no help
i tried lowering graphics card settings in game ..no help

its usualy happening when it overheats but my card does not overheat so its not that problem


please help 

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Have you stress-tested your GPU to ensure it isn't a hardware failure? I would run either Passmark, Futuremark, or 3DMark to ensure your GPU is stable. For testing driver and general system stability, run Prime95 for a few hours and see if anything shows up. It may sound like overkill, but flaws in a system tend to only appear in select few programs, and these are designed to test every last piece of your system.

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